2 Piece Mess Tins set

2 piece mess tins set

2 Piece Mess Tins set

The easiest and simplest way to eat your camp food, simple to clean and store, remove the frustration associated with camping crockery 

This 2 piece mess tin set is perfect for those of you among us that are simply sick of using traditional bowls and plates whilst camping. This 2 piece mess tin is simple to use and removes the need to carry a bowl and plate with you.

                    • The tins pack inside each other with folding handles for ease of storage and transportation.
                    • Multi-functional usage and exceptional durable,
                    • These are the ideal camping/survival accessory

They do exactly as intended, or exactly what they say on the tin so to speak. They are very durable and hardly take up any space in your backpack.

If your looking for a easy way to cook and clean your camp food then simply look no further the 2 piece mess tin set is perfect, priced at only £8.93 with free delivery from Amazon, click here and you will be taken to the Amazon product page.

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