We started Camping Gadgets for various reasons, primarily; we love gadgets, we love camping, we love the web and it just seemed natural to combine the three and camping gadgets was born. Also we can now justify spending our hard earned cash on the latest camping gadgets to our bank managers and the tax man.

Camping gadgets is run from the UK and is aimed at a UK audience however we do have a global audience as lots of the gadgets featured on this site can also be located in other countries.

Our main business objectives are to source the latest camping gadgets available in the UK, review them, and find the cheapest place for you, our lovely customers to purchase them.

Enjoy the site guys, and please, if you find an awesome camping gadget that were not featuring on camping gadgets contact us and we’ll do all our best to review it and find you the best price.

Thanks from all the team at Camping Gadgets.

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