Backpack Drink Dispenser

One of the coolest Drinking Gadgets we’ve seen in a while the backpack drink dispenser is a genius drinks accessory. Whether your at a festival, a party, or just round the house picture the look on your friends faces when you whip out this badboy. Sure to surprise and impress your guests the backpack drink dispenser will have your friends/guests talking about your party for weeks, you’ll be the known as the coolest kid in town (no guarantees if your seriously uncool). It’s taken the traditional beer tower and turned it on its head by creating a wearable & portable drink dispensing piece of machinery. It features a 3l tube so plenty of space for your alcoholic punch to be spread around the party. Easily use the attached tap to dispense your beverage & use the attached holster to store all your glasses for easy and quick serving. Also looks great on girls so if your a guy consider getting a girl to do the honours, don’t forget ice. Want it? love it? we do, it’s available from drink stuff, click here for more info.

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