BBQ Branding Iron

BBQ Branding IronBBQ Branding Iron

For many men (and sometimes women too), meat is a very personal subject.  With the BBQ Branding Iron you can make your mark on every piece of meat you cook with your own personal brand.

Part of grilling, whether done indoors or outside, is the satisfaction of the crackle and hissing sounds you hear as the fat burns off and the outside caramelizes to seared perfection.  Now you can add that one last sear to every steak and burger and hear a final hiss as you pull away to reveal a personalized message or name scorched onto the meat.

Sure it may sound like a fun novelty item, but think about all of the confusion you can avoid at large barbeques and picnics where everybody wants to pick their own piece of meat and determine its doneness.  Without spoiling the tender, juicy deliciousness of the meat (unless you like yours well done) you can personalize every person’s burger, steak, chicken, or chop with his or her name, initials, or your own witty joke.

BBG Branding Iron 2

  • The Branding Iron comes with all 52 letters of the alphabet and eight blank spaces in high-grade cast aluminum
  • No tools needed! Just arrange the letters or your choosing, slide them into the iron, and lock them in place and its ready to be put into the fire to heat-up for the next brand
  • Two lines of text with 9 available characters each for an abundance of personalized message options
  • Extras of most letters for arranging more complex words, names, and phrases

Whether you want to spell out “I Love You” for a romantic evening with the spouse or “Shove Off” to your less than tolerable in-law, you can get creative and personal on every piece of meat you touch.  Or if you’re anything like us, you can bring out your inner cowboy and feel like your branding cattle at a dude ranch in the Wild West, but hopefully yours is already processed and on the grill.

Get yours from Firebox before the rest of the modern-day cowboys snatch them off the shelves.