BBQ Fork Temperature Indicator

BBQ Fork Temperature Indicator

Sick of cooking food on the barbecue only to find it’s undercooked? Discover the quick and easy way to see if your meat is undercooked or if it’s at its best, juicy, hot and perfectly cooked every time 

Barbecues are the ultimate social party, one thing that can play havoc on a barbie is under cooked meat! Fear not though, this BBQ Fork comes with different settings to test the temperature of different meat.


  • Just stick in the fork when you think it might be ready and the fork will tell you if it’s the correct temperature or not.
  • From rare to well done the BBQ Fork temperature indicator by Taylors eye gets it right every time
  • You will love this fork as it allows you to cook up juicy steaks, delicious chicken drumsticks, tender ribs and mouthwatering burgers perfectly
  • You won’t have to cut up your meat, and mess it up to check if it’s ready
  • You also won’t have to burn everything just to make sure it’s cooked
  •  It’s a bit on the big side at a whopping 18 inches however this comes in handy if you are cooking a joint or chicken in the oven as you don’t have to put your hands inside

Ready to cook irresistibly, cooked to perfection meat that’s perfect every time? You won’t be disappointed with this temperature fork from Taylors Eye.

The Fork is available from Amazon only, click here and you will be taken to the Amazon product page, where they are currently offering free delivery.

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