Beer Belt


In life there are belts, different colours, styles, shapes, sizes & materials, there’s also all sorts of beers in all sorts of sizes, flavours, etc. When you combine these 2 modern day nessecities, you’re left with the beer belt. The beer belt is quite simply the next big thing in life, fact. The belt is designed so that you can keep your friends close but your enemies beers closer. What’s more annoying in life, we’ll tell you beforehand that there’s nothing more annoying in life than when you buy a nice pack of your favourite brewskis, bang them in the “communal” fridge, ice bucket etc to find that mysteriously half of your beers have gone missing. What happens here is that things sometimes get messy and at some of the parties we’ve been to (were real party animals by the way, if you include Nanas Tea parties as parties) there’s always someone that will kick off about missing beers, and frankly who can blame him. Avoid getting your beers stolen and the wrath of Dave the nutter by keeping your beers (bottles or cans) by your side at all times, why would you take his beers when you have 6 right by your side.  Just strap it on like any other belt and you’ve got 6 holsters with a hole the perfect shape for a brew! Even better if your at a festival as you can avoid big queues, watch on as your mates try desperately to carry more than two beers, you can just buy 6 or even 7 at once, and utilise the hands free technology of the Beer Belt.


• Holds 6 standard cans and bottles
• Fully adjustable belt

If you like the sound and look of the fashion forward beer belt and are interested in its hands free technology then head over to Drink Stuff by clicking here where the beer belt can be purchased for a mere £5.99, a great investment combining style and functionality.

Alternatively buy through Amazon: