Beer Pong Max Folding Table

beer pong table

Beer Pong Max Folding Table

The Ultimate Beer Pong Table, Fully sized and easily stored away

There’s beer, then there’s drinking games, then if you step it up another level there’s beer pong.

                      • Beer Pong is the ultimate drinking game, involving 2-4 players the aim of the game is to throw a ping pong ball across the table with the intent of landing the ball in one of the cups of beer on the other end
                      • The cups of beer are set out in a triangle form and then opponents take turns in throwing the ball, if the ball lands in the cup your opponent must then down that beer.
                      • Although there are no official rules, that is the premise of the game.

This beer pong table is for those among of us that take their beer pong seriously, it is the most sought after in the UK and is the full regulation beer pong size. Not only is it amazingly cool it is super portable and folds down into a 2ft x 2ft x 5 inch briefcase, perfect for storing away when not in use and for taking to your mates house.

Just watch out for the Olympics in Rio 2016 where Beer Pong is supposedly making an appearance as an olympic sport. (okay that last bit was a joke but that would be awesome). This table is available from Amazon click here to be taken to the product page, however if your looking for a cheaper alternative then we recommend the beer pong mat also available from Amazon through this link.

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