Blacktop 360 party grill

Blacktop 360 grillBlacktop 360 grill

This Blacktop 360 party grill takes barbecuing to another level. No longer will a normal gas barbecue suffice for your party. This grill has all the bells and whistles of some kind of more advanced futuristic barbecue as well as a cool fat frying hub in the centre for an all round party grub machine.

                      • The blacktop 360 grill features a awesome grill that hits temperatures of up to 650 degrees, a generous 20oz deep fat frying well, a awesome griddle and a warming plate that keeps it all hot hot HOT!
                      • Control the heats using the three dials on the side and store your utensils neatly on the side.
                      • The grill also includes a bamboo  cutting board and a multi purpose lid used to cover the grill, grille or warming plate and a funky carrying case for ultimate portability.

The 360 party grill is without doubt the coolest barbecue grill we’ve ever had the pleasure to cook on, not only is it a tremendous cool all in one product but it realy does deliver in cooking up delicious meets as well as deep fat fried foods, we tried home cooked chips and they turned out great, you could also try scampi, battered thai prawns or a plethora of other delicious delicacies.

blacktop 360 grill

blacktop 360 grillblacktop 360 grill







The brilliant Blacktop 360 grill is available from either Firebox or Amazon but the great thing about buying from Amazon is it’s £100 cheaper, see below. Click here to be taken to the Amazon product page to complete your purchase. Amazon are currently offering free delivery.

Available from:

Blacktop 360 Party Grill£299.99.

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