Bongzilla:6 man beer bong

6 man beer bong

Bongzilla: 6 Man Beer Bong

Bongzilla, sounds scary right? well… it is in sense, although it’s not a big lizard type dinosaur thingy, it is big. If Godzilla had a brother that happened to be born a bong  this is what you would have, (scientifically it has been proven by checking the DNA of a bong and Godzilla). Anyway the Bongzilla is a massive amount of fun, utilising the latest beer bong technology the big beer bong allows six people to beer bong at the same time. Perfect for getting everyone in the party going, you can’t not have a good time with the Bongzilla by your side. Perfect for parties, festivals & student houses, the bong will provide you and your mates with hours of fun.

As well as providing hours of fun around the house the Bongzilla has benefits that go beyond just the party,  word is likely to spread around campus that your house throws legendary parties and that your all cool guys, (even if your really not) your credentials will sky rocket and you’ll be known as the go to guys around campus, you’d be silly not to buy one these purely for that. Girls will love you, guys will want to be you.

The bong come with it’s own stand so nobody will even have to hold it for you, and if there’s not six of you (unlikely if you own a bongzilla) then you can plug the tubes that aren’t in use. The tubes also come with a valve to stop or slow the flow of booze, so you can all start at the same time.

Product Features:
• Pole mounted beer bong
• 6 beer tubes with valves
• Height adjustable up to almost 2 metres!
• Holds up to 5.3 pints
• Valve slows down or stops drink for each tube when not in use
• Solid plastic mouthpiece
• Custom made super flexi-hose
• Hose glows under UV lighting
• De-foamed for ease of use
• Funnel plugs can be used when there are less drinkers
• Great fun for parties, student nights, stag dos and hen dos

Fancy yourself as a bit of a legend? if not then a bongzilla can do wonders for your street cred, you simply can’t afford not to buy one, anyway, it’s available by clicking here for £69.99 with free delivery.