beer tube

Booze Tube

Booze Tube….yes booze tube were pronouncing it right aren’t we, the online video sharing site booze tube. Of course wer’e only joking, we like a laugh at camping gadgets you see. Let’s start again, the booze tube combines two of our favourite things; booze and lots of it, whey. Whether your hosting a party, a group of students or a aspiring home pub landlord then the booze tube is an essential investment. Holding up to 8 pints, with 2 pint and 4 pint indicators the Booze Tube is the UK’s only CE marked beverage dispenser, making it ideal for serving large groups of friends at the same time. The Booze Tube is also perfect for barbecues and is the perfect centerpiece for football matches and other social gatherings. Easily fill the tube with your favorite beverage whether that be a cocktail, beer or even a spirit we don’t advise the latter however then use the easy to dispense tap to serve straight into the glass. Click here for more info


Product Features:beer dispenser
• Tabletop drinks dispenser
• Lined at 2, 4 and 8 pints
• CE marked to verify a legal measure in the UK
• The only CE marked beer dispenser available in the UK
• Material: Polycarbonate plastic
• Food grade standard
• Helps keep beverages colder for longer
• Ideal for serving large groups in bars, helping reduce queues
• Also ideal for parties, BBQs and other social gatherings
• Hole in the lid allows for the gas to be released ensuring the perfect pint
• Removable lid makes it easy to refill
• Can be used with beer, cocktails or soft drinks
• Use ‘fill and shake’ technique for easy cleaning

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Tube
• 1 x Base
• 1 x Tap