CADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQ

CADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQCADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQ

Perfect for small flats, caravans, and campgrounds, the CADAC 4-in-1 BBQ Grill has everything you need for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooking and any easy follow-up clean.

With this 4-in-1 grill, versatility is the name of the game.  The system actually features five unique cooking options with every surface you could want for grilling meats, making sauces, roasting whole birds, and much, much more.  At about a foot tall, the CADAC Safari Chef is a space-saving, meal-making powerhouse of a grill.  It’s versatile ability to cook everything from fatty bacon to seared fish to fresh grilled vegetables will have you wanting to tote this grill to every tailgate, picnic, and camping trip you go on.  Not only will you have the best looking and tasting food on the lot, but you’ll draw crowds demanding to know where you got such a fully functioning portable grill.  Included with this all-around barbecue are:

  • Lid/Wok combo – Round, handled lid creates an enclosed heat outlet to act as a roasting oven for whole chickens, game hens, or fish.  With the wok you can cook pasta, rice, or whip up a tasty sauce to accompany your main course.
  • Non-stick reversible griddle – Grill surface can leave beautiful seal marks and perfectly cook burgers, kebobs, and steaks.  Reverse the plate and use the skillet side for frying up breakfast sausages, bacon, eggs, and flapjacks.
  • Mini Vector barbeque – Classic BBQ top surface allows for fat-free, open-flame cooking of fish, pork chops, or bone-in chicken.
  • Camping stove – Remove all of the grill tops to reveal a standard cooking stove that conveniently boils water and brews your morning coffee.
  • Non-stick, Teflon surfaces – Cleanup is a breeze whether using your garden hose, caravan or kitchen sink, or wet rag.  All removable surfaces are also dishwasher safe.
  • Carrying case – Convenient carrying case holds everything except the gas tank for ultimate portability.

You may be thinking that the best barbecue comes from a charcoal grill, but good luck finding one that can cook as many ways as the CADAC Safari more quickly and efficiently.  The grill comes in two models, one that uses an external gas tank that would be suitable for apartment patios and balconies, and one that uses disposable canisters for use on the road or campsite.  Both sources allow for many hours of continued cooking for all of your daily meals.

Check out the Safari Chef 4-in-1 for under £75 at Amazon.