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Buy Duff Beer

Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

After a hard day slaving (or sleeping) at the local power plant with a certain baldy looking crow man on your case it’s time to sit back on your favourite brown couch, watch a certain Mexican man dressed as a bumblebee flaunt his stuff and open a cool refreshing duff beer. From the creators of the best cartoon in the world, fact, comes the just as amazing duff beer featured and loved on the show by Mr Homer Simpson himself. This beer goes down a treat at a nice 4.7% lager, good job that it is actually German and not American as lets face it, American beer is known to be pretty weak and German beer…. well they don’t host the biggest beer festival in the world for nothing (yes wer’e talking about Oktoberfest). So forget about heading to your local supermarket to grab a slab, instead get yourself a 24 pack of Duff Beer and it will be delivered straight to your door.

 Features:Buy Duff Beer

  • Pack contains 24x 330ml Duff Beer premium lagers
  • Brewed in Germany
  • 4.7% alc. vol.

This wonderfully tasty and unique beer can be bought through Firebox by clicking here £25 with free delivery when you spend over £50, alternatively Amazon have a energy drink version click here for more info £30 delivered.

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Backpack Drink Dispenser

One of the coolest Drinking Gadgets we’ve seen in a while the backpack drink dispenser is a genius drinks accessory. Whether your at a festival, a party, or just round the house picture the look on your friends faces when you whip out this badboy. Sure to surprise and impress your guests the backpack drink dispenser will have your friends/guests talking about your party for weeks, you’ll be the known as the coolest kid in town (no guarantees if your seriously uncool). It’s taken the traditional beer tower and turned it on its head by creating a wearable & portable drink dispensing piece of machinery. It features a 3l tube so plenty of space for your alcoholic punch to be spread around the party. Easily use the attached tap to dispense your beverage & use the attached holster to store all your glasses for easy and quick serving. Also looks great on girls so if your a guy consider getting a girl to do the honours, don’t forget ice. Want it? love it? we do, it’s available from drink stuff, click here for more info.

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shot bandolier belt

Shot Bandolier Belt

This bandolier belt is an awesome  piece of party kit. Slip on the cool piece of kit and fill up each bullet shaped glass with your favourite drink, (tequilas a good option for added cowboy authenticity) then party the night away whilst handing out and drinking yourself into cowboy oblivion.

It’s the perfect way to dish out drinks at your next party and is also the perfect birthday gift for your best mate, we bought it for our friend and supporter Tom, we challenged him to drink every shot on the belt, unfortunately Tom didn’t complete his challenge and we were more than happy to knick a few bullet shots off him anyway.

The belt is unisex and adjustable, this means it can be worn by delightfully slim ladies right through to those men among us that have enjoyed a few too many drinks over the years.

The shot glasses (all 28 of them) can hold 30ml of liquid so are bigger than the traditional shot of 25ml so there’s even more drunkenness to be had, only 5ml more though I hear you say, try 5ml x 28 that’s….140ml extra, poor Tom.

The pack contains:

• 1 x Bandolier Belt
• 28 x Plastic Bullet Shot Cups with Lids

• Shot Volume: 30ml
• Pack Weight: 486g

This really is one of our favorite Drinking Gadgets available and is an absolute bargain at £13.99, buy it now by clicking here and get partying.


DIY Booze kit

DIY Booze Kit

Spiking the punch bowl is one thing but this DIY hooch kit takes that to another level. What’s better than your favourite fruit juice, yes that’s right a boozy version of it, that’s no longer a dream, the dream has come true. As you might have gathered were amazed with this kit as it actually does turn your favourite juice into alcohol, just like Jesus turned water into wine, excpept you have to wait at least 48 hours, unlike Jesus who did it straight away. Simply place your favourite juice (ours is orange btw) into a large bottle pour in one of the sachets of “magic” powder, pop on the provided airlock lid and voilà in just 48 hours your juice will now be a potent hooch.

DIY Hooch Kit

1) 6 x Sachets 2) Airlock 3) Instructions 4) 6 x bottle stickers

Although the minimum fermentation time is 48 hours the longer you leave it the stronger the juice will get, do this on a Monday and you’ll be good to go on the weekend with a juicy alcoholic version of your favourite juice, just add ice! Like the sound of becoming a small time brew-master then this kit is available from Firebox for the small price of £12.99, get it now by clicking here.



In life there are belts, different colours, styles, shapes, sizes & materials, there’s also all sorts of beers in all sorts of sizes, flavours, etc. When you combine these 2 modern day nessecities, you’re left with the beer belt. The beer belt is quite simply the next big thing in life, fact. The belt is designed so that you can keep your friends close but your enemies beers closer. What’s more annoying in life, we’ll tell you beforehand that there’s nothing more annoying in life than when you buy a nice pack of your favourite brewskis, bang them in the “communal” fridge, ice bucket etc to find that mysteriously half of your beers have gone missing. What happens here is that things sometimes get messy and at some of the parties we’ve been to (were real party animals by the way, if you include Nanas Tea parties as parties) there’s always someone that will kick off about missing beers, and frankly who can blame him. Avoid getting your beers stolen and the wrath of Dave the nutter by keeping your beers (bottles or cans) by your side at all times, why would you take his beers when you have 6 right by your side.  Just strap it on like any other belt and you’ve got 6 holsters with a hole the perfect shape for a brew! Even better if your at a festival as you can avoid big queues, watch on as your mates try desperately to carry more than two beers, you can just buy 6 or even 7 at once, and utilise the hands free technology of the Beer Belt.


• Holds 6 standard cans and bottles
• Fully adjustable belt

If you like the sound and look of the fashion forward beer belt and are interested in its hands free technology then head over to Drink Stuff by clicking here where the beer belt can be purchased for a mere £5.99, a great investment combining style and functionality.

Alternatively buy through Amazon:

Beverage Dispenser

Ice Core Beverage Dispenser

Beer is good, it’s real good… but when you’ve only got warm beer to drink it kind of sucks. This handy beverage dispenser is the solution for you, no more sleepless nights worrying about warm beer. It features a detachable inner chamber, if you look carefully at the picture you’ll see ice in the middle, this is what sets the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser apart from other drinks dispensers, that inner chamgber is perfect for filling with ice, this solves the warm beer issue that’s been haunting you for years.

To add to its ingenious functionality, the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser features a spinning base, this means it can be placed at the centre of the table and simply spun around to the person requiring cold refreshment, you may call it lazy, we call it energy conservation.

The core of the dispenser can also be removed if you think you can drink that much beer before it gets warm to make the most of the large capacity.

*please note the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser can be filled with any drink of choice not just beer, we just user beer as an example because beer is the best!

• Beverage dispenser
• Removable cooler chamber keeps drinks cold
• Lined in 0.5ltr increments up to 2.5ltr
• Can be used with beer, cocktails or soft drinks
• Includes lazy-susan style rotating base
• Pull-tap handle
• Hand wash only

For more info on the beverage dispenser click here, now only £23.99

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beer tube

Booze Tube

Booze Tube….yes booze tube were pronouncing it right aren’t we, the online video sharing site booze tube. Of course wer’e only joking, we like a laugh at camping gadgets you see. Let’s start again, the booze tube combines two of our favourite things; booze and lots of it, whey. Whether your hosting a party, a group of students or a aspiring home pub landlord then the booze tube is an essential investment. Holding up to 8 pints, with 2 pint and 4 pint indicators the Booze Tube is the UK’s only CE marked beverage dispenser, making it ideal for serving large groups of friends at the same time. The Booze Tube is also perfect for barbecues and is the perfect centerpiece for football matches and other social gatherings. Easily fill the tube with your favorite beverage whether that be a cocktail, beer or even a spirit we don’t advise the latter however then use the easy to dispense tap to serve straight into the glass. Click here for more info


Product Features:beer dispenser
• Tabletop drinks dispenser
• Lined at 2, 4 and 8 pints
• CE marked to verify a legal measure in the UK
• The only CE marked beer dispenser available in the UK
• Material: Polycarbonate plastic
• Food grade standard
• Helps keep beverages colder for longer
• Ideal for serving large groups in bars, helping reduce queues
• Also ideal for parties, BBQs and other social gatherings
• Hole in the lid allows for the gas to be released ensuring the perfect pint
• Removable lid makes it easy to refill
• Can be used with beer, cocktails or soft drinks
• Use ‘fill and shake’ technique for easy cleaning

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Tube
• 1 x Base
• 1 x Tap

Roulette Drinking Game

Roulette Drinking Game

So here at Camping Gadgets, we don’t really gamble so weren’t too familiar with roulette, the game seemed simple enough though, spin the wheel with the included ball and when it lands on a specific number whoever placed a bet on that number wins, simple right. The Roulette Drinking Game is a slight “spin” no pun intended on this, play with 2-8 people and everyone is assigned numbers that correspond to the numbers on the shot glasses, give the wheel a spin and if it lands on your number you down a shot. This game is great for parties, social gatherings and watching the football, it’s great fun and as the game goes on you’ll probably enjoy it even more, that could be that alcohol though. Although the game can be played by 2 we recommend at least 4 as you may end up just a bit too tipsy. The set includes the glasses, 2 balls and roulette wheel and is obviously only suitable for ages 18+. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a casino owner but just don’t have the funds to open up the next grand royal then consider the Roulette Drinking Game as a start, available from Amazon by clicking here

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