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tentfinder light

Tentfinder light

Here at Camping Gadgets we’re constantly forgetting where we parked the car, the same can happen when you pitch up your tent (which is your home) for the weekend festival. After a few cheeky beers and the masses of other tents that have pitched up near you, the whole situation gets a lot worse.

  • Tripping over guide lines, falling into other peoples tents and generally running riot around the camp site can land you in hot water.
  • If however you’d of brought along a tentfinder light you’d find your tent in no time.
  • With the tentfinder light you can turn the lights on from 50 metres away, one click using the remote illumiates the 3 centre LED’s, a second click illuminates the outer 20 bulbs and a third click, (if you dare) illuinates all of the lights.

As the saying goes, ‘theres light at the end of the tunnel’, well…with this awesome camping gadget all you need to do is give the remote a cheeky click  and you can follow the light. If only they made something similar for cars!

The tentfinder light is from the retailers below:

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AmazonKampa Dazzle Remote Control Camping / Awning LED Tent Light.

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Tentfinder light£19.99.

walkie talkie watches

Walkie Talkie watches

Style and communications never looked so good with these walkie talkie watches

Apart from being totally awesome, Walkie Talkies are free to use. The major annoyance however is that conventional walkie talkies have to be carried around or stuffed into your pocket. What if someone invented walkie talkies that you could wear? or what if someone invented walkie talkie watches? well…..the guys at Wiki have done just that!!!

                      • These badboys have an impressive 7km range, and have all the functions you’d expect to find on conventional walkie talkies.
                      • They come with headphones, feature an LED display, and of course not forgetting can be used as a watch.
  • They come with a dual lead mains charger so no batteries are not needed. They are fantastic for hiking, skiing, walking, biking, climbing, of course camping and just about anything outdoorsey! Watch out Bond!!

The watches are available from genie gadgets, click here to be taken to the product page.

Available from:

Wiki Walkie Talkie Watches£41.95.

 Getting lost is a thing of the past

gps keyring

This ECCO GPS Keyring from the handsome guys at Firebox is a revolutionary gadget, if only it had been invented when we got lost in Glastonbury and instead of sleeping in our tent we had to kip on the muddy floor. With this GPS keyring you set your starting point, i.e. your tent (or even your car) go do your thing, and then simply follow the instructions (i.e the arrow) on the ingenious gadget to get you back safe and sound. It’s simple to use, has a great battery that lasts a month on standby, and has no extra subscription costs. It’s charged via USB, will find your location in 30-60 seconds and accurate to within 10 meters. Our favorite feature however is that you can lock in 3 separate locations, so if you are headed to a festival this summer then your first locked location could be the car (as finding the car in among the thousands of others can be challenging enough after a hefty weekend of boozing and dancing) and then your second locked location could be the tent (so that finding it when your drunk and it’s dark is a doddle) your third location then could be the tasty burger stand called something like ‘Tasty Joes’ or ‘Debs Burgers’ for example. If only it was that easy when we were young and carefree.


whistling key finder

Whistle key finder

If your a clumsy sod like we are here at Camping Gadgets then you’ll misplace your keys on quite a number of occasions. With the whistle key finder simply attach the gadget to your keys and when you misplace them whistle and the contraption will beep nosily and light up until you find the pesky things.  Awesome! Click here for more info

Available from:

Whistle key fider£6.99.

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SAS Handbook

John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman has created an abolute gem here. This book provides the most reliable and respected survival information in the world. John served in the SAS for 26 years and was thier chieff survival instructor so to say he really knows his stuff is an understatement. In this up to date edition John imparts his much sought after survival experience, knowldege, techniques and takes you through real strategies for surviving in a range of situations ranging from chemical and nuclear attacks to surving in the harshest of climates.

The updated book features new case studies and survival scenarios from others designed to put you in their shoes and think how they would think. This in an international bestseller and in it’s 20 years of publication it has often been imitated but never bettered. Fore more info click here

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Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS

A Handheld GPS that will get you where you want to effortlessly 

The days of using a map and compass to navigate your way around are now still very much in use, however for the more techie camper GPS’s are a welcome alternative.

With a bewildering amount of different brands and models available it can all get a bit confusing.

                    • This handheld Garmin GPS is very reasonalby priced, at the base of the GPS is a worldwide map and a large 2.6″ colour screen that makes navigating a much simpler task,
  • The Dakota is waterproof,
  • It has up to 20 hours of battery life,
  • Weighs only 191g including the batteries
  • It has 850 MB of free internal memory for adding maps, storing waypoints and routes

What separates the dakota from other GPS’s is it’s ability to geocache, which means you can finally get rid of all those pieces of paper as it holds all the descriptions of the caches, logs and tips for you to look at on screen. No messy paperwork and never get lost again, an ultimate gadget for camping, hiking and exploring.

The Dakota 10 is an ideal handheld GPS that is fantastic for geocaching,

What we don’t like about the Garmin Dakota 10

The Garmin Dakota 10 Handeld GPS generally works very well and is highly regarded as a great GPS among everyone in the office, the one criticism is that you can’t read the time off the GPS, a minor issue but one we’d like to see in future versions.

The Garmin Dakota 10 is available from Amazon who are currently offering free delivery Click here and you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

Available from:

AmazonGarmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS

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