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Ultimate Survival Kit

The ultimate survival kit, not just for camping but also walking, hiking and nowadays even commuting? of course were joking but this kit is no laughing matter, it could potentially be a lifesaver. Includes everything you need all packed into a small mess tin. The kit includes:

survival instructions, pencil, nylon cord, candle, flint and striker, hacksaw blade, tinder, Fishing kit, mini multi-tool,  sewing kit, purification tablets, matches, safety pins, a water bag, razor, salt sachets, whistle, signal mirror,button compass, wire saw, snare wire,  and grip lock bag.

Available for only 34.99, click here for more info.

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jent jacket

Tent Jacket Jakpak

We love tents, camping and all things outdoorsy, if you’re on this site then chances are you’re the same, one thing that bothers us however is that we have to carry almost everything that we don’t wear, if it’s not weighing you down on your back then it’s pulling on your shoulders or straining your neck. With this latest piece of technology the Jetpak Jacket Tent at least you won’t have to carry a tent and let’s face it, if we can make it easier then we will. By taking a closer look at the Jetpak we can see that this revolutionary piece of kit houses a mini tent and sleeping bag. Within just a few minutes you can go from stylish explorer to snoozing camper. Each Jetpak is waterproof and breathable so it’s not uncomfortable to wear, in addition to this the mesh netting technology means that you can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that creepy-crawlies won’t be able to get in. The tent and sleeping bag sections are completely detachable , this allows you to use the Jetpak as just a jacket if you wanted, as well as this the zip at the bottom of the sleeping bag section allows your legs freedom meaning that you can remain in the tent whilst moving about, perfect for those late night visits to the camp toilet.

The jetpak is exclusive to Firebox, click here for more info

Product Features:

  • All-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag
  • Made of 100% seam taped, waterproof, breathable nylon
  • Does not include a pillow
  • Available in medium and large

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water purification tablets

Oasis Water Purification Tablets

These effervescent chlorine tablets are ideal for the emergency purification of water. They will make water safe to drink, clean teeth, wash wounds and wash vegetables  by killing water bourne organisms that can cause disorders such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. If your ever caught out in a situation where clean water can’t be accessed these tablets from Oasis are perfect.

For such a small price and little space in your backpack these tablets are potentially life saving. Effervescent tablets such as these are highly regarded by many aid organisations the World Health Organisation being one, similar tablets are included in their interagency health kit.

The tablets are simple and easy to use, simply add one to a litre of suspect water, wait and the water will rapidly become disinfected.

  • This particular pack contains 50 effervescent tablets with the active ingredient Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
  • They have a 5 year shelf life
  • Proven to kill all known harmfull water organisms to deal with emergency water disinfection
  • Kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses

If your venturing out on an adventure soon it can’t hurt to stock up on these water purification tablets, they could save your life and for the sum of only £2.15 through Amazon, you can’t afford not to buy these. Click here to be taken to the purchase page, only £2.30 with free delivery



emergency camping shelter

Emergency Camping Shelter

Mother nature can be a cruel mistress, and when your out on an adventure the weather can place a massive strain on your health if it suddenly decides to change. If unprepared in a remote area you may find yourself in need of a protective emergency shelter. This Emergency Camping Shelter is ideal for runners, hikers in remote areas and could save your life in an unprecedented situation.

  • It’s lightweight so won’t create much extra weight in your backpack
  • Easy to use and can be quickly set up

For it’s price and functionality the Emergency Camping Shelter is an absolute survival essential, remember the weather can be unpredictable, especially in the UK so be prepared and be safe.  To buy your Emergency Camping Shelter click here , only £3.25.


mountain whistle

Mountain Whistle

This mountain whistle is ideal for those among you that enjoy hiking, safety should always be thought about whether your just going up the local paths or exploring somewhere a little more adventurous, this whistle is a small piece of kit that can be added to your safety artillery. Although these whistles are very small, they are incredibly loud reaching 100dB, they  are also very handy and can be added to your keys with their attached keyring.

  • These particular whistles are actually recommended by the Mountain Leader Training Board as an essential item to be carried in the hills
  • 100dB from a piece of kit you won’t even notice

They could potentially save yours or a friends life and should be added to your arsenal of safety equipment, for the small sum of £2.55 you can’t afford not to. Buy now through Amazon, click here to be taken to the purchase page.

Crusader Cook System

Crusader Cook System

The Crusader Cook System is perfect for hikers, walkers and all round adventurers. The whole kit fits very nicely into the handy carry case providing the basics for two people to enjoy a nice hot drink or meal. Within the case there is also space for other things which is great.

The stove can be set up in seconds and the included fuel gel works great and doesn’t transfer any smells onto the food. The stove also provides great wind protection, often a massive drawback to other portable grills or stoves is the low level of wind protection they provide, the crusader cook system however works fantastically well in a range of weather conditions.

Included in the kit is the following:

  • Crusader Cooker
  • Crusader Cup
  •  Crusader Cup Lid
  •  Plastic Mug (standard)
  •  Water Bottle (standard)
  •  Belt Pouch
  •  12x Ethanol Fuel Gel
  •  Fireball Flint & Striker

Really a fantastic system for hikers, walkers and the modern adventurer. The folding arm on the cooker provides the basis for the whole system, the cup fits securely over the fuel compartment and fuel, either the provided gel or blocks can be burned, a small slot allows for enough air to provide sufficient oxygen and the the sides of the cooker help to provide sheltering against wind. All in all a fantastically practical cooking system, just picture yourself enjoying a hot brew or a nice mug of soup on your next adventure and watch on as others struggle with conventional systems.

The Crusader Cooking System is available from Amazon, click here to be taken to the purchase page.


2 piece mess tins set

2 Piece Mess Tins set

The easiest and simplest way to eat your camp food, simple to clean and store, remove the frustration associated with camping crockery 

This 2 piece mess tin set is perfect for those of you among us that are simply sick of using traditional bowls and plates whilst camping. This 2 piece mess tin is simple to use and removes the need to carry a bowl and plate with you.

                    • The tins pack inside each other with folding handles for ease of storage and transportation.
                    • Multi-functional usage and exceptional durable,
                    • These are the ideal camping/survival accessory

They do exactly as intended, or exactly what they say on the tin so to speak. They are very durable and hardly take up any space in your backpack.

If your looking for a easy way to cook and clean your camp food then simply look no further the 2 piece mess tin set is perfect, priced at only £8.93 with free delivery from Amazon, click here and you will be taken to the Amazon product page.

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Firesteel 2.0 fire striker

Firesteel 2.0 firestriker

The ultimate fire striker designed to give you over 12,000 strikes, no need to replace ever

This firestriker 2.0 is the only firestriker for us, we’ll never need another one. Picture this… you’re out in the wilderness, you’ve lost your trusty 50p lighter ( that, let’s be honest is likely to break at any time) your freezing and in need of  a fire. If only you’d packed your trusty Firesteel 2.o.

                        • This vintage piece of kit has been updated from a previous model, allowing 12,000 strikes in it’s lifetime compared to it’s younger brother a mere 1,500
                        • The fire striker 2.0 is much more effective than lugging around 12,000 matches or a box load of lighters and is standard within the Swedish army
  •  If you like the look of this awesome piece of technology and have been looking for a decent fire striker, we couldn’t recommend this more.

The firestriker 2.0 is only through Firebox for a decent price of £14.99, click here to be taken to the Firebox product page to complete your purchase.

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