Crusader Cook System

Crusader Cook System

The Crusader Cook System is perfect for hikers, walkers and all round adventurers. The whole kit fits very nicely into the handy carry case providing the basics for two people to enjoy a nice hot drink or meal. Within the case there is also space for other things which is great.

The stove can be set up in seconds and the included fuel gel works great and doesn’t transfer any smells onto the food. The stove also provides great wind protection, often a massive drawback to other portable grills or stoves is the low level of wind protection they provide, the crusader cook system however works fantastically well in a range of weather conditions.

Included in the kit is the following:

  • Crusader Cooker
  • Crusader Cup
  •  Crusader Cup Lid
  •  Plastic Mug (standard)
  •  Water Bottle (standard)
  •  Belt Pouch
  •  12x Ethanol Fuel Gel
  •  Fireball Flint & Striker

Really a fantastic system for hikers, walkers and the modern adventurer. The folding arm on the cooker provides the basis for the whole system, the cup fits securely over the fuel compartment and fuel, either the provided gel or blocks can be burned, a small slot allows for enough air to provide sufficient oxygen and the the sides of the cooker help to provide sheltering against wind. All in all a fantastically practical cooking system, just picture yourself enjoying a hot brew or a nice mug of soup on your next adventure and watch on as others struggle with conventional systems.

The Crusader Cooking System is available from Amazon, click here to be taken to the purchase page.