DIY Booze Kit

DIY Booze kit

DIY Booze Kit

Spiking the punch bowl is one thing but this DIY hooch kit takes that to another level. What’s better than your favourite fruit juice, yes that’s right a boozy version of it, that’s no longer a dream, the dream has come true. As you might have gathered were amazed with this kit as it actually does turn your favourite juice into alcohol, just like Jesus turned water into wine, excpept you have to wait at least 48 hours, unlike Jesus who did it straight away. Simply place your favourite juice (ours is orange btw) into a large bottle pour in one of the sachets of “magic” powder, pop on the provided airlock lid and voilà in just 48 hours your juice will now be a potent hooch.

DIY Hooch Kit

1) 6 x Sachets 2) Airlock 3) Instructions 4) 6 x bottle stickers

Although the minimum fermentation time is 48 hours the longer you leave it the stronger the juice will get, do this on a Monday and you’ll be good to go on the weekend with a juicy alcoholic version of your favourite juice, just add ice! Like the sound of becoming a small time brew-master then this kit is available from Firebox for the small price of £12.99, get it now by clicking here.