Dog house tent

dog house tent

Dog house tent

A very uniquely designed tent that doubles up as a second home for when your in trouble from the missus

This cool dog house tent is a firm favorite of ours. If your looking for a unique and funky tent for this years festival then look no further. The tent also doubles up as a second home, so… if your sick of your boyfriend/girlfriend then literally send them out to the doghouse for the night. Or head to a festival together and probably get a load of funny looks, at least you’ll be unique. Truly a funky house/tent.

                      • The cool tent sleeps 2 adults, weighs a mere 2.8kg and is simple to assemble
                      • It’s fireproof, windproof, waterproof and even dog proof so long as you zip it closed
  • It comes complete with a dog bowl to place outside of the tent for added authenticity

The tent is available from both Firebox and Amazon both of which are currently offering free delivery, see below for a price comparison

Available from:

Doghouse tent£44.99.

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