Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

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Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

After a hard day slaving (or sleeping) at the local power plant with a certain baldy looking crow man on your case it’s time to sit back on your favourite brown couch, watch a certain Mexican man dressed as a bumblebee flaunt his stuff and open a cool refreshing duff beer. From the creators of the best cartoon in the world, fact, comes the just as amazing duff beer featured and loved on the show by Mr Homer Simpson himself. This beer goes down a treat at a nice 4.7% lager, good job that it is actually German and not American as lets face it, American beer is known to be pretty weak and German beer…. well they don’t host the biggest beer festival in the world for nothing (yes wer’e talking about Oktoberfest). So forget about heading to your local supermarket to grab a slab, instead get yourself a 24 pack of Duff Beer and it will be delivered straight to your door.

 Features:Buy Duff Beer

  • Pack contains 24x 330ml Duff Beer premium lagers
  • Brewed in Germany
  • 4.7% alc. vol.

This wonderfully tasty and unique beer can be bought through Firebox by clicking here £25 with free delivery when you spend over £50, alternatively Amazon have a energy drink version click here for more info £30 delivered.

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