FieldCandy Tent: Snug as a Bug

Fieldcandy tents

Beyond visually appealing these tents are very comfortable and look mind blowing

These field candy tents go way beyond funky. They are art. Available in an array of jaw dropping designs these amazing two man tents are some of the best we’ve seen. Pictured is the ‘snug as a bug’ version however there are a 12 other mind blowing designs available.

                        • Not only the do they look the dogs danglies, but they are a serious tent when it comes to quality too.
                        • They should take less than 5 minutes to put up, are made out of 100% natural cotton (forget about a plastic tent)
                        • They are waterproof to a minimum of 3,000mm hydrostatic head, fire retardant and treated for UV fade and with Ultra-Fresh.

The tents truly are a fashion statement, truly beautiful, not only that but they offer supreme comfort with their cotton design, compare this to the common PVC and your on to a real winner with one of these tents. They’re slightly on the expensive side but are manufactured so well you’ll never need another tent again, unless of course you want another cool design.

The tents are available from Firebox only who are currently offering free delivery, click here for further information and to be taken to the Firebox product page.

Available from:

FieldCandy Tent: Board£495.
FieldCandy Tent: Cheese Please£445.
FieldCandy Tent:Sweet Dreams£395.
FieldCandy Tent:Strawberry Suprise£495.
FieldCandy Tent: Fully Booked£495.
FieldCandy Tent:What A Melon£495.
FieldCandy Tent:Snug As A Bug£495.
FieldCandy Tent:Rule Britannia£395.
FieldCandy Tent:Picnic Perfect£495.
FieldCandy Tent:Old Glory£395.
FieldCandy Tent:Get A Room£395.
FieldCandy Tent:Big Top£445.
FieldCandy Tent:Animal Farm£495.

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