Firesteel 2.0

Firesteel 2.0 fire striker

Firesteel 2.0 firestriker

The ultimate fire striker designed to give you over 12,000 strikes, no need to replace ever

This firestriker 2.0 is the only firestriker for us, we’ll never need another one. Picture this… you’re out in the wilderness, you’ve lost your trusty 50p lighter ( that, let’s be honest is likely to break at any time) your freezing and in need of  a fire. If only you’d packed your trusty Firesteel 2.o.

                        • This vintage piece of kit has been updated from a previous model, allowing 12,000 strikes in it’s lifetime compared to it’s younger brother a mere 1,500
                        • The fire striker 2.0 is much more effective than lugging around 12,000 matches or a box load of lighters and is standard within the Swedish army
  •  If you like the look of this awesome piece of technology and have been looking for a decent fire striker, we couldn’t recommend this more.

The firestriker 2.0 is only through Firebox for a decent price of £14.99, click here to be taken to the Firebox product page to complete your purchase.

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