Freeloader Pico Solar Charger

It’s power time

“I’ve got the power!!!” well… unless your 80’s German Dance sensations ‘Snap!’ that power can come to an uprupt stop, and theres nothing more annoying than running out of power on your ipod, psp, and of course your precious mobile. Introducing the pico solar charger, this awesome gadget recharges itself through the power of that amazing yellow thing in the sky (the sun), the fact it’s a mere 93million miles away doesn’t faze the pico as it is fully charged in a mere 10 hours using the suns juice. Once charged the pico can be plugged into various devices, and it will transfer it’s juicy power to your device, it can even power usb speakers, as the saying goes small but mighty and pico is small and is definately mighty.

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Pico Solar Charger£17.99.

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