Funky Popup tent

funky popup tent

Gelert pop up tent

A funky pop up tent featuring a cool blue & mini roses design that’s sure to turn heads in the festival

Another funky tent from Gelert. This awesome popup features a unique design, almost polka dot design like instead of dots it features mini roses.

                      • An awesome popup so it’s perfect for you girls who have trouble putting traditional tents, it also stops “hero” blokes from “helping you” put you your tent up
                      • Simply pull it out of the bag give it a shake and you can get down to the important stuff, sipping cool martinins, or whatever it is you girls drink at festivals nowadays, thats what we drink at festival anyway (shaken not stirred) ha.
  • The tent it a 2 person, pitches in seconds, and features 3 air vents with a sewn in groundsheet

Looking for cute tent that’s beyond simple to put up, this is the one for you, available from Argos, only £23.99 as well for a limited time.

See below for price comparison & similar tents:

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