Fuzzy Duck

fuzzy duck drinking game set

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game Set

A unique drinking game that acts as a fantastic ice breaker and is a great way to spend the evening with friends, you’ll never laugh quite so much

A fantastically fun and entertaining game, we’ll explain the rules briefly:  the game is simple in essentially starts with someone saying ‘fuzzy duck’ to the person to their left, the process continues until someone decides to say ‘does he?’ and the direction changes and players then have to say ‘ducky fuzz’

                    • it may sound simple but give it a go and you’ll soon find yourself enthralled by the tongue twisting game of Fuzzy Duck
                    • this game is perfect for any time when friends are together in a group, camping or not it’s awesome
                    • it acts as a fantastic ice breaker and can be used for any social gathering
                    • it’s the perfect drinking game for really getting to know people


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