Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS

Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS

A Handheld GPS that will get you where you want to effortlessly 

The days of using a map and compass to navigate your way around are now still very much in use, however for the more techie camper GPS’s are a welcome alternative.

With a bewildering amount of different brands and models available it can all get a bit confusing.

                    • This handheld Garmin GPS is very reasonalby priced, at the base of the GPS is a worldwide map and a large 2.6″ colour screen that makes navigating a much simpler task,
  • The Dakota is waterproof,
  • It has up to 20 hours of battery life,
  • Weighs only 191g including the batteries
  • It has 850 MB of free internal memory for adding maps, storing waypoints and routes

What separates the dakota from other GPS’s is it’s ability to geocache, which means you can finally get rid of all those pieces of paper as it holds all the descriptions of the caches, logs and tips for you to look at on screen. No messy paperwork and never get lost again, an ultimate gadget for camping, hiking and exploring.

The Dakota 10 is an ideal handheld GPS that is fantastic for geocaching,

What we don’t like about the Garmin Dakota 10

The Garmin Dakota 10 Handeld GPS generally works very well and is highly regarded as a great GPS among everyone in the office, the one criticism is that you can’t read the time off the GPS, a minor issue but one we’d like to see in future versions.

The Garmin Dakota 10 is available from Amazon who are currently offering free delivery Click here and you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

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