Gelert Foldable Barbecue

Gelert Foldable BarbecueGelert Foldable Barbecue

A straightforward, super-inexpensive folding barbeque that sets up and breaks down in under a minute for flame-broiled meals on the go.

Usually when it comes to portable grills, the more complex designs tend to produce the best results and offer the most options, even if are compromising the extra weight for a quality cook top.  But Gelert’s Foldable Barbecue is an extremely simple stainless steel system with just a few components that can be put together and broken apart in seconds and conveniently transported in the included carrying case.  This grill is great for a picnic at the park, weekend camping trip, or reliable outdoor cooking alternative for any roving caravan.  The parts can be washed with soapy water and a sink or hose and have the stainless steel silver parts shining like new and ready for the next feast after every use.

Whether using tinder and wood or charcoal briquettes, the grill’s sloping walls and raised lower grate produces a smooth draught flow for a quick-lighting and long-burning fire.  The cooking surface is large and sturdy enough to support frying pans and boiling pots with space leftover for a row of sausages or sizeable steak.  An ash tray suspends beneath the lower great, but the barbecue burns so efficiently that hardly any leftover sediment will be deposited, making this a perfect model for camping and cooking in dry woodlands or grassy meadows where forest fires are always a concern.

To break the unit down, just wait for the embers to cool completely, tip the grill so they drop to the ground, let the steel walls cool, then disassemble and slide the compacted components into the carry bag.  The light weight and convenience of this Gelert unit makes a great alternative to lugging around complicated gas stoves and spare fuel, and it’s small enough to fit into a rucksack for long hikes and backpacking adventures.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better portable grill for under £25, so check it out now and get yours.