GPS Keychain

 Getting lost is a thing of the past

gps keyring

This ECCO GPS Keyring from the handsome guys at Firebox¬†is a revolutionary gadget, if only it had been invented when we got lost in Glastonbury and instead of sleeping in our tent we had to kip on the muddy floor. With this GPS keyring you set your starting point, i.e. your tent (or even your car) go do your thing, and then simply follow the instructions (i.e the arrow) on the ingenious gadget to get you back safe and sound. It’s simple to use, has a great battery that lasts a month on standby, and has no extra subscription costs. It’s charged via USB, will find your location in 30-60 seconds and accurate to within 10 meters. Our favorite feature however is that you can lock in 3 separate locations, so if you are headed to a festival this summer then your first locked location could be the car (as finding the car in among the thousands of others can be challenging enough after a hefty weekend of boozing and dancing) and then your second locked location could be the tent (so that finding it when your drunk and it’s dark is a doddle) your third location then could be the tasty burger stand called something like ‘Tasty Joes’ or ‘Debs Burgers’ for example. If only it was that easy when we were young and carefree.


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