bbq utility belt

Utility belts are all well and good if you happen to be a builder or perhaps a plumber, or even if your batman. What if your none of the above, but what if you love a good barbecue and are in dyer need of an awesome new accessory that will help you keep the meat hot and you looking cooler than ever. Introducing the Grillslinger, sounds awesome doesn’t it, for a start it is awesome, what’s surprising however is that it’s taken “them” so long to create a utility that’s not for your standard builder or plumber but is in fact for the barbecue bad boys.


The ultimate twist on the traditional builders belt. It accommodates big barbecue utensils in its removable lock-and-load inserts, and there’s even space for a drink so sipping a cold beer and flipping burgers at the same time is too easy. The belt is fully adjustable to fit those skinny buggers and those of us that have had too many burgers, it also comes with the utensils; a big meat knife, big spatula and some hefty tongs all made from quality stainless steel. The grillslinger truly is one of our favourite gadgets and if your feeling extra cool you can even pretend your a wild west bad boy as it resembles a holster, just don’t throw the knife (remember were pretending here). Easy to use, looks cool, keeps your beer nice and cold, makes barbecuing a doddle, what more could you possibly want. So where can you buy yourself a Grillslinger? Get it by clicking here