self heating food

HotCans self heating food

Delicious food prepared in the easiest possible way in a matter of minutes when you need it most

These self heating cans offer supreme convenience and deliver a delicious meal in under 12 minutes, there simply is no easier way to get a hot meal in your belly.

                      • these cans are so convenient, simply remove the rubber cap, piece the lid with the included key and within 12 minutes you’ll have yourself a steaming hot meal.
                      • when cooking is this easy it simply becomes harder to decide which flavour you like
                      • available in 5 delicious flavours that will keep you going on a long hard trek

If your stuck with no fuel or food, and Ray Mears or Bear Grylls are nowhere to be seen these hotcans are the perfect emergency food, providing much needed calories. They come in 5 delicious flavours; Beans & Meatballs, Chicken Curry with Rice, Sausage & Beans, Spicy Beef with Pasta, and Vegetable Chilli.

If your feeling hungry now then the HotCans are available from Firebox whom offer free delivery, click here to be taken to the Firebox product page.

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