HotRox Handwarmer

hotrox hand warmer

HotRox Handwarmer

The undisputed champion of hand warming, keep them hands warm again and again

This hand warmer from Hotrox is the best hand warmer on the market, undisputed, most hand warmers are either fuelled by charcoal or zippo lighter fuelled units. The problem here is that these kind of hand warmers are not only messy to refuel but they are somewhat dangerous.

                      • the hotrox is a safe alternative to charcoal and zippo handwarmers
                      • it will keep your hands nice and cosy for up to 6 hours per charge
  • the hotrox will help alleviate pain for sufferers of Raynaud’s
  • 500 charges makes sure you will hardly ever need to replace the hotrox in it’s lifetime,
  • it heats up in only 15 seconds and turns on and off at the flick of a switch simply making it the most convenient hand warmer available


You can charge it from the mains or from the USB, so whenever your feeling a bit nippy whip out the hotrox for the ultimate warming up. It’s simple, very safe and easy to use, the only negative is that it’s priced at £28.50, however for the sheer quality and level of safeness this hand warmer offers, were simply not complaining.

The hotrox manufacturers are also great guys, after we lost the covering sleeve for the hotrox we e-mailed them and they delivered a replacement free of charge. Fantastic service and a fantastic product. The hand warmer is sold through Amazon with free delivery, click here and you will taken to the Amazon product page.

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