Ice Core Beverage Dispenser

Beverage Dispenser

Ice Core Beverage Dispenser

Beer is good, it’s real good… but when you’ve only got warm beer to drink it kind of sucks. This handy beverage dispenser is the solution for you, no more sleepless nights worrying about warm beer. It features a detachable inner chamber, if you look carefully at the picture you’ll see ice in the middle, this is what sets the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser apart from other drinks dispensers, that inner chamgber is perfect for filling with ice, this solves the warm beer issue that’s been haunting you for years.

To add to its ingenious functionality, the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser features a spinning base, this means it can be placed at the centre of the table and simply spun around to the person requiring cold refreshment, you may call it lazy, we call it energy conservation.

The core of the dispenser can also be removed if you think you can drink that much beer before it gets warm to make the most of the large capacity.

*please note the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser can be filled with any drink of choice not just beer, we just user beer as an example because beer is the best!

• Beverage dispenser
• Removable cooler chamber keeps drinks cold
• Lined in 0.5ltr increments up to 2.5ltr
• Can be used with beer, cocktails or soft drinks
• Includes lazy-susan style rotating base
• Pull-tap handle
• Hand wash only

For more info on the beverage dispenser click here, now only £23.99

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