kampa khazi portable toilet

Kampa Khazi Toilet

kampa khazi portable toilet

Whether you need a number 1 or a number 2 the kampa khazi is the perfect portable loo

This camping toilet from kampa khazi is another good portable toilet that won’t let you down, the loo is fantastic when your camping and is a saving grace when you have kids who constantly need the loo.

                      • It’s great for bladder shy kids, especially in the middle of the night as you can avoid walking  half way around the site to get to the camp toilets
                      • It’s cheap at a mere £17.99, reliable and you only need a bit of cheap disinfectant to give it a clean
  • It comes with a handy lid for the internal bucket for transporting to waste disposal
  • the height makes it accessible for older people too
What do we dislike about the kampa khazi portable toilet?

Quite simply, nothing, the khampa khazi is fantastic for night trips to the toilet, especially if you have younger kids. The toilet is also very easy to clean and has a large capacity, all in all a fantastic portable toilet.

The Kampa khazi is available from Amazon for only £17.99, click here and you will be taken to the Amazon product page.

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