Kelvin 23

kelvin 23 multi tool

Kelvin 23 Multi Tool

23 handy tools that will easily fit in your pocket

Aside from having an awesome name like Kelvin, the Kelvin 23 is pretty god damn cool, from the moment you look at it you know it’s no ordinary multi tool. It’s reassuring weight and matte finish settle the mind and let you know this little badboy is reliable.

                      • The Kelvin has 23 of the most used tools available and doesn’t include any of the ridiculous tools that other multi tools insist on including.
                      • Click a button and the screwdriver shaft flicks out, this can be locked at a 90° or a 180° position.
                      • Inside the handle are sixteen of the mostly commonly used bits, these soundly click into the screwdriver shaft.
  • The top has a spirit level and the back hides a 5ft tape measure. All in all, this is an awesome all in one multi tool.

Available from:

Kelvin 23£17.95.

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