Keyring Corkscrew

keyring corkscrew

Keyring Corkscrew

The handy tool that does away with no corkscrew emergency situations and lets you get in and enjoy your wine 

This ingenious keyring corkscrew does away with those annoying situations you always seem to find yourself in. There’s nothing quite more frustrating than when you’ve got yourself a nice bottle of wine and you can’t open it

                    • it’s happened to us all
                    • this tiny device simply attaches to your keyring
                    • you’ll never be left without your delicious Shiraz again
                    • no sharp bits, pocket safe
                    • slip it off your keyring and your a simple tug away from a much needed glass of wine

This keyring corkscrew is perfect for when your caught out without a corkscrew, whether that’s out camping, at a festival or simply hanging out with friends, you’ll be known as the hero of the night if you whip this out of your pocket at the next no corkscrew emergency.

The handy corkscrew is available from who are currently offering free delivery within the UK, click here and you’ll be taken to the Iwantoneofthose purchase page.

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