Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

luci inflatable lanternLuci Inflatable Solar Lantern

It’s hard to find a quality, reliable solar-powered lantern that is worth its weight in the light it emits.  Most require you to lug around a heavy solar panel that you attach to an equally heavy external light unit, and hardly any of them can harness enough power to make them worth carrying around when you can stick to your battery powered headlamp or hand torch.  But then MPowered stepped into the market with an inflatable and water resistant solar-powered lantern that’s perfect for camping, extended backpacking trips, power outages, and even for illuminating the night for the less-fortunate around the world.  That’s right, MPowered pledges to send a lantern to a person or family in need in the developing world for every Luci Lantern purchased.

In a single, collapsible, and lightweight package the Luci Solar Lantern acts as a task light, a flashlight, and a lantern with dim, bright, and emergency flashing settings.  The only work on your part is deciding whether or not the need calls for inflation, but otherwise the unit is maintenance-free and will stand up to elements and tough conditions out on trail and be a reliable alternative at home when the lights are out and batteries run dry.

luci inflatable lantern 2

  • The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the power of the sun harnessed through the incredibly efficient and lightweight solar panels
  • Waterproof PVC enclosure designed to keep moisture and debris out and the lights on in any condition
  • Up to 12 hours of light time on an eight-hour charge.  Can retain 50% charge for up to two years, even if completely inactive
  • Delivers 80 lumens of light covering 15 sq ft

A great alternative to matches, fire starters, and heavy metal and clunky plastic flashlights, the Luci light collapses to fit into any backpack, bike bag

luci inflatable lantern 3

, or tackle box and is a handy tool to keep in the boot of your car in case of a breakdown or in your home emergency supplies for when the lines are down.  And knowing that you are supporting an eco-friendly solution to help hospitals, schools, and families in need around the world is reason enough to buy one of these nifty gadgets.

Grab yours now and support the cost.  Available through Firebox