MarcO-Grill 3000

Marco Grill 1000

Marc O-Grill 3000

Discover the new grill on the block that combines easy portability and cooks meat perfectly every time

Despite it’s resemblance to a futuristic ghostbuster pack the O-grill 3000 is a fantastic portable grill. It lets you cook out in the open with the quality you’d expect in proffesional kitchen. It’s compact, hardwearing and fuelled by cheap to buy propane canisters.

                    • It has retractable legs which are very handy so that wherever you decide to cook, you don’t burn the surface underneath
                    • It comes in a variety of very attractive colours
The best part of the grill is not in it’s features or how it looks it’s purely how it cooks the meat, this grill even though it’s portable keeps the meat tender and juicy, far superior than any portable charcoal barbecue you’ll find on the market.

Although the initial cost of the grill at £115 is slightly higher than your average portable barbecue you simply get what you pay for, this grill delivers so well and is so simple to cook on you’ll simply forget your standing in a muddy field. The number of features and benefits that you get from this grill more than justify the cost. The propane canisters are also very cheap, for the cost of one useless disposable barbecue you will get four canisters, meaning eventually you will have made your money back.


Click here  for more info on the grill, available in a range of colours from £115


Here’s another review from a already happy user of the Marco Grill 3000:
A fabulous and truly portable gas barbeque that is easy to use, easy to carry, easy to clean.
The variety of colours it comes in are great, and the green I chose is bright and fun.
The small gas bottles available with it allow an easily managed package if you also buy the bespoke bag to acccompany it, which then also makes for easy storing. I highly recommend it.




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