Pack Away Kettle

portable pack away kettle

Portable pack away kettle

A fashionable & compact kettle that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your bag,  it makes an amazing brew too

This portable pack away kettle is not your conventional kettle, as you can see, it’s not made from metal for a start, it is in fact made from silicon with a stainless steel base that heats the water inside.

                      • Once you’ve boiled the kettle, had your cuppa and are ready to move on the tough silicone base will collapse on itself and the kettle can be easily stored in your bag
                      • It’s a great alternative to boiling your beloved cup of Tea in a tangy metal saucepan
  • It serves up a large 1.1L of water a time, enough for a brew for you and mates off one boil
  • The kettle will pack away flatter than your typical army mess tin, great for space saving
  • It’s dishwasher safe, so is simple to clean and can be heated by electric, induction or gas stove
This pack away kettle is truly a revolutionary camping gadget and is now an essential to take with you on your next adventure, it free’s up space for other important items and is super light. pack away kettle base
You maybe put off by the silicone design of the kettle and may be wondering if this affects the taste of the water, the simple answer is no, in fact the silicone casing not only looks great, keeps the kettle light but it also helps retain the heat of water once boiled, more so than a traditional all stainless steel kettle.


So what do we dislike about the portable pack away kettle?
Not so much a dislike but it is tricky at times to see if the water is actually boiling, but this is a very minor issue for an all round well designed portable kettle.


If your intrested in purchasing the portable pack away kettle it can be purchased from Amazon for only £27, click here and you’ll be taken to the product page, currently Amazon are also offering free delivery. 

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