Pocket Shower

portable pocket shower

Pocket Shower

The most convenient and compact way to get yourself nice and clean 

Nobody likes a stinker, that’s why bath’s, showers and even water was invented. However…carrying around a shower and paying for your plumber to follow you camping is expensive and inconvenient to say the least.

                      • Introducing the Pocket shower, this ingenious invention is a fabric bag that through the power of the sun heats up the water inside
                      • Once the waters warm you can have a nice warm shower any place, anytime and you can even control the flow of the water
  • Once your clean, fresh and ready to take on the world you simply fold up the bag and it fits nicely into a 6″x3″ bag that is small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Available from IwantOneofThose

The cool pocket shower is a handy gadget to have whether your simply on a camping trip, at a festival or in fact don’t have a shower installed in your house (of course were joking here).

What do we dislike about the pocket shower?

The only problem we have is that the pocket shower needs the power of the sun to warm up, this is great if your living in Spain, but for us stuck in miserable Britain your not going to get a hot shower any time soon with this. Despite this however the pocket shower is super-compact and is a godsend when you simply want a quick wash offering approximately up to 7 hours of body cleaning time.

The pocket shower is available from IwantOneofThose who offer free delivery, click here and you’ll be taken to the product page where you can complete your purchase.

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