Portable oil drum BBQ

Portbable oil drum BBQ

Portable oil drum BBQ

A stylish & popular portable BBQ with a large cooking area that delivers mouth watering meat every time

This may well be a type of drum but you won’t be creating drum beats with this BBQ you will however have one of the most stylish and portable BBQ‘s at hand to cook some delicious chicken drum-sticks.

                    • For a portable barbecue you have a large surface area to cook on, this helps cook a large amount of food at once including large pieces of steak that will often take up a lot of space,
                    • The BBQ is extremely portable, simply close the lid, lock it and the BBQ is ready for transportation,
  • The BBQ weighs a mere 3kg so can be carried easily
  • The BBQ is stainless steel which makes cleaning it a very easy task.
  • The small attached legs prevent you burning the surface below

The portable oil drum BBQ’s fantastic folding design makes it perfect for both home and portable use. When moving the BBQ about it can simply be folded for easy transportation the bbq however has enough surface area once it’s unfolded to act as a replacement for your home BBQ too.

What do we dislike about the portable oil drum bbq?

Truthfully speaking there’s not much we dislike about this BBQ, just one side of the BBQ provided enough space to cook for 5 people so the potential is there to cook for up to 10, after cooking the BBQ can be topped up with charcoal and doubles up as a heater on cold nights.

The portable oil drum bbq is only available through Amazon with free delivery, click here and you will be taken to the Amazon product page.

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