luci inflatable lanternLuci Inflatable Solar Lantern

It’s hard to find a quality, reliable solar-powered lantern that is worth its weight in the light it emits.  Most require you to lug around a heavy solar panel that you attach to an equally heavy external light unit, and hardly any of them can harness enough power to make them worth carrying around when you can stick to your battery powered headlamp or hand torch.  But then MPowered stepped into the market with an inflatable and water resistant solar-powered lantern that’s perfect for camping, extended backpacking trips, power outages, and even for illuminating the night for the less-fortunate around the world.  That’s right, MPowered pledges to send a lantern to a person or family in need in the developing world for every Luci Lantern purchased.

In a single, collapsible, and lightweight package the Luci Solar Lantern acts as a task light, a flashlight, and a lantern with dim, bright, and emergency flashing settings.  The only work on your part is deciding whether or not the need calls for inflation, but otherwise the unit is maintenance-free and will stand up to elements and tough conditions out on trail and be a reliable alternative at home when the lights are out and batteries run dry.

luci inflatable lantern 2

  • The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the power of the sun harnessed through the incredibly efficient and lightweight solar panels
  • Waterproof PVC enclosure designed to keep moisture and debris out and the lights on in any condition
  • Up to 12 hours of light time on an eight-hour charge.  Can retain 50% charge for up to two years, even if completely inactive
  • Delivers 80 lumens of light covering 15 sq ft

A great alternative to matches, fire starters, and heavy metal and clunky plastic flashlights, the Luci light collapses to fit into any backpack, bike bag

luci inflatable lantern 3

, or tackle box and is a handy tool to keep in the boot of your car in case of a breakdown or in your home emergency supplies for when the lines are down.  And knowing that you are supporting an eco-friendly solution to help hospitals, schools, and families in need around the world is reason enough to buy one of these nifty gadgets.

Grab yours now and support the cost.  Available through Firebox

Camping Heaters For Tents

Camping can be enjoyed at almost any time of year in many parts of the country, but early mornings and late evenings can get cold enough to make it difficult. Camping Heaters For Tents are the best solution for camping when the weather turns cold, and they are widely available both online and in brick and mortar stores. They work well at heating up patios too, allowing you to enjoy the fresh outside evening air until late in the year. With such a variety of choice comes a wide array of different features. However, when purchasing a camping gas heater you need to consider three features more than any other: weight, size, and fuel capacity. If you are taking one of these heaters camping, then you very well might be carrying it at some point. Even if you are driving to your camping spot then you still need a heater that fits into a crowded camping space. You want it to be as small and light as possible while still doing its job.


The Gelert camping gas heater is both compact and lightweight. Measuring just under 12 inches on each side, it takes up less than one cubic foot of space. Weighing just 5 1/2 pounds, it is very easy to carry. It is designed to take fuel canisters that give 2 to 3 hours of heat each, which is more than enough to get a tent heated up on a chilly evening. It takes less than an hour to warm up even the largest patio. The adjustable angle is a nice feature, it lets you easily deliver a lot of warmth to a specific spot in the tent.



The Topflame portable heater is even more compact, coming in at just 7 1/2 inches tall with an 11 inch square base. Weighing 6.6 pounds, it’s easy to carry to even distant camping sites. This model is the most versatile of the top models, as it comes with a stovetop burner. It not only serves as a camp or patio heater but also as a miniature kitchen stove. The gas canisters give it approximately 2 1/2 hours of heating time.



If you are in the market for the ultimate in portability, then you should look into purchasing the SunnGas heater. This is a camping gas heater stripped down to its bare essentials. A simple small burner a few inches across, it screws directly onto the top of a gas canister. The parabolic dish in back focuses the heat for maximum efficiency. A cage protects the burner from damage. Though meant solely as a heater you can toast simple foods on sticks directly in front of it, just like in a campfire. Weighing under a pound, it is very easy to transport anywhere.


Quick Heat Gas HeaterQuick Heat

Of a similar size to the Gelert is the Quick Heat model. Weighing slightly more than 4 1/2 pounds it is very portable. The angle of the heater is adjustable, though not quite as adjustable as the Gelert. It comes with a convenient carrying handle and takes gas cylinders that last about 2 hours each.




The Lichfield butane camping heater is a simple, no-frills model. It weighs a little over 4 pounds, and takes up very little space. The butane canisters last a few hours each.

Most of these camping gas heaters last at least 2 hours per cylinder. If you turn the heater off after the camp or patio has been warmed up then a single canister could last through two or three days. As always, when using any kind of gas heater, make sure you have adequate ventilation before turning the unit on.


Click here for more information on Camping heaters for tents

Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal BarbecueSon of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue

The portable grill that’s quickly becoming the standard across the UK for caravans, campgrounds, and outdoor cookouts of all varieties.

If you want a compact cooking surface that’s got the same heating power as a full-sized grill, look no further than the Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue.  The grill folds up and breaks down for easy storage and within minutes of finishing the sear on your perfectly grilled steaks and burgers you can snuff out the still-burning coals and smoke in the included insulated pouch.  This grill also features:

  • Lightweight design (about 6 kg) of sturdy cast iron with smooth, rounded edges.
  • 4 stainless steel folding legs to support the grill when fully expanded and act as carrying handles when folded up
  • Slide-out steel tray for ignition fuel (fire-starters, newspaper, bits of charcoal)
  • Included multi-tool for removing racks, stirring coals, or as a chimney stopSon of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue 3

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing long weekend of camping or in a hurry to feed hungry picnickers, this grill is truly designed to make your cooking and cleanup process fast and easy.  After you load up the fuel tray with the starter material of your choice, within ten minutes you will have an evenly distributed and super HOT grill top.  Watch out for canopies, caravan lines, and tent vestibules as this thing can really kick up some flames when it’s first lit.  But once the chimney is adjusted and coals are stirred you’ll be looking at a solid two hours of non-stop cook time.

Done feeding the campground masses?  Just carefully fold the grill up into its vertical position and place it in the snuff-out pouch.  Or leave it in the upright position and adjust the gap of the multi-tool to allow the grease build-up to burn off for a like new clean in under five minutes.  The fiberglass woven, heat-reflective interior of the pouch extinguishes all remaining flames and smoke and takes the worry away of waiting for the coals to die down.  Just make sure to wait an hour before putting the bag into a sealed caravan or garage so that no dangerous carbon monoxide is emitted.

Click here to be taken to the Son of Hibachi Barbecue at Amazon UK.

Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue 2

Thermo Pot Food FlaskThermo Pot Food Flask

A grown-up version of the classic thermos will put your co-workers’ Tupperware to shame and have you feasting like a king come lunchtime with steamy hot soups, chili, and much more.

Stop carrying around those flimsy plastic containers whose lids pop off and edges crack with the slightest abuse.  This food flask is sleek, stylish, and guaranteed to keep your food secured and hot for up to six hours.  Where you take it and what you pack is up to you, but rest assured when you get there your contents will be still be steaming hot.  Whether you’re packing for an early morning fishing trip, sneaking your own home-brewed java into the local coffee shop to use the free WiFi, or you just want to bypass the workplace cafeteria and bring your own hearty lunch for a midday fuel-up, this modern day thermos is the perfect addition to the kitchen cabinet.Thermo Pot Food Flask 2

  • The Thermo Pot Food Flask is made from double-walled stainless steel so your food stays hot but your hands don’t feel the burn.
  • Fully-sealable screw-top cork lid designed to insulate up to 16oz of your favorite soups, stews, and coffee and prevent spills
  • Also serves to keep cold foods frozen/chilled (great for carrying homemade smoothies or shakes)

The bonus of this thermos is the matching magnetized stainless steel spoon that conveniently grips to the side of the container when not in use.  The container is conveniently sized at about 17cm tall and weighs in under half a kilo making it the perfect all-around vessel for tossing in your messenger bag or briefcase, hopping on the train to get to work or on the boat to catch some fish, or anywhere else you want to have a hot (or cold) meal ready-made to power you up for the rest of the day.

Find out more and pick your own food flask from Firebox.

Gelert Foldable BarbecueGelert Foldable Barbecue

A straightforward, super-inexpensive folding barbeque that sets up and breaks down in under a minute for flame-broiled meals on the go.

Usually when it comes to portable grills, the more complex designs tend to produce the best results and offer the most options, even if are compromising the extra weight for a quality cook top.  But Gelert’s Foldable Barbecue is an extremely simple stainless steel system with just a few components that can be put together and broken apart in seconds and conveniently transported in the included carrying case.  This grill is great for a picnic at the park, weekend camping trip, or reliable outdoor cooking alternative for any roving caravan.  The parts can be washed with soapy water and a sink or hose and have the stainless steel silver parts shining like new and ready for the next feast after every use.

Whether using tinder and wood or charcoal briquettes, the grill’s sloping walls and raised lower grate produces a smooth draught flow for a quick-lighting and long-burning fire.  The cooking surface is large and sturdy enough to support frying pans and boiling pots with space leftover for a row of sausages or sizeable steak.  An ash tray suspends beneath the lower great, but the barbecue burns so efficiently that hardly any leftover sediment will be deposited, making this a perfect model for camping and cooking in dry woodlands or grassy meadows where forest fires are always a concern.

To break the unit down, just wait for the embers to cool completely, tip the grill so they drop to the ground, let the steel walls cool, then disassemble and slide the compacted components into the carry bag.  The light weight and convenience of this Gelert unit makes a great alternative to lugging around complicated gas stoves and spare fuel, and it’s small enough to fit into a rucksack for long hikes and backpacking adventures.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better portable grill for under £25, so check it out now and get yours.



CADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQCADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQ

Perfect for small flats, caravans, and campgrounds, the CADAC 4-in-1 BBQ Grill has everything you need for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooking and any easy follow-up clean.

With this 4-in-1 grill, versatility is the name of the game.  The system actually features five unique cooking options with every surface you could want for grilling meats, making sauces, roasting whole birds, and much, much more.  At about a foot tall, the CADAC Safari Chef is a space-saving, meal-making powerhouse of a grill.  It’s versatile ability to cook everything from fatty bacon to seared fish to fresh grilled vegetables will have you wanting to tote this grill to every tailgate, picnic, and camping trip you go on.  Not only will you have the best looking and tasting food on the lot, but you’ll draw crowds demanding to know where you got such a fully functioning portable grill.  Included with this all-around barbecue are:

  • Lid/Wok combo – Round, handled lid creates an enclosed heat outlet to act as a roasting oven for whole chickens, game hens, or fish.  With the wok you can cook pasta, rice, or whip up a tasty sauce to accompany your main course.
  • Non-stick reversible griddle – Grill surface can leave beautiful seal marks and perfectly cook burgers, kebobs, and steaks.  Reverse the plate and use the skillet side for frying up breakfast sausages, bacon, eggs, and flapjacks.
  • Mini Vector barbeque – Classic BBQ top surface allows for fat-free, open-flame cooking of fish, pork chops, or bone-in chicken.
  • Camping stove – Remove all of the grill tops to reveal a standard cooking stove that conveniently boils water and brews your morning coffee.
  • Non-stick, Teflon surfaces – Cleanup is a breeze whether using your garden hose, caravan or kitchen sink, or wet rag.  All removable surfaces are also dishwasher safe.
  • Carrying case – Convenient carrying case holds everything except the gas tank for ultimate portability.

You may be thinking that the best barbecue comes from a charcoal grill, but good luck finding one that can cook as many ways as the CADAC Safari more quickly and efficiently.  The grill comes in two models, one that uses an external gas tank that would be suitable for apartment patios and balconies, and one that uses disposable canisters for use on the road or campsite.  Both sources allow for many hours of continued cooking for all of your daily meals.

Check out the Safari Chef 4-in-1 for under £75 at Amazon.



Wood Burning Camping StoveWood Burning Camping Stove

Talk about eco-friendly and sustainability, the new camp stove made by Biolite totally changes the face of portable cookware, and much for the better.

Throw away those heavy, expensive, and pollution-emitting gas canisters.  This Wood Burning Camping Stove is fueled completely with the twigs and bark you collect on the trail.  No longer will you be fiddling with connection valves and adjusting the settings of your canister-fueled system, with this environmentally friendly alternative your fuel will go straight from the ground and into the canister for an easy ignition and super fast boil for your campground cooking needs.

But this stove doesn’t just stop at boiling water–an internal system actually converts the heat from the combustion process into stored, electric energy.  Using the internal USB port you can plug in your mobile, mp3 player, or digital camera for a quick charge directly from the stove.  The Biolite Camp Stove a Wood Burning Camping Stove also features an internal fan and jet system, which makes the fire burn hot and clean, and battery that charges itself as the heat rises and increases the output of the fan.

Perfect for lightweight backpacking and camping trips, this stove is equally convenient to have on hand at home in case of a power outage or natural disaster.  You’ll be able to keep water and food hot and your devices charged even while the lines are down and the lights are out. The innovative design features:

Biolite Camp Stove

  • High-temp steel fuel chamber that gasifies wood for a cleaner burn
  • Copper, heat-regulating probe connecting the internal thermoelectric generator
  • Folding anodized aluminum legs for stable cooking and easy storage
  • Lightweight outer screen to protect hands from hot fuel chamber
  • USB port providing 2-watts of power at 5-volts

Included in the box are the stove, a firelighter, a stuff sack, instructions, and a USB cable for charging the internal battery.  For less than £120, the Biolite Camp Stove will pay for itself after a handful of uses from the significant savings you’ll get from ditching the fuel.

For more information & to buy click here

BBQ Branding IronBBQ Branding Iron

For many men (and sometimes women too), meat is a very personal subject.  With the BBQ Branding Iron you can make your mark on every piece of meat you cook with your own personal brand.

Part of grilling, whether done indoors or outside, is the satisfaction of the crackle and hissing sounds you hear as the fat burns off and the outside caramelizes to seared perfection.  Now you can add that one last sear to every steak and burger and hear a final hiss as you pull away to reveal a personalized message or name scorched onto the meat.

Sure it may sound like a fun novelty item, but think about all of the confusion you can avoid at large barbeques and picnics where everybody wants to pick their own piece of meat and determine its doneness.  Without spoiling the tender, juicy deliciousness of the meat (unless you like yours well done) you can personalize every person’s burger, steak, chicken, or chop with his or her name, initials, or your own witty joke.

BBG Branding Iron 2

  • The Branding Iron comes with all 52 letters of the alphabet and eight blank spaces in high-grade cast aluminum
  • No tools needed! Just arrange the letters or your choosing, slide them into the iron, and lock them in place and its ready to be put into the fire to heat-up for the next brand
  • Two lines of text with 9 available characters each for an abundance of personalized message options
  • Extras of most letters for arranging more complex words, names, and phrases

Whether you want to spell out “I Love You” for a romantic evening with the spouse or “Shove Off” to your less than tolerable in-law, you can get creative and personal on every piece of meat you touch.  Or if you’re anything like us, you can bring out your inner cowboy and feel like your branding cattle at a dude ranch in the Wild West, but hopefully yours is already processed and on the grill.

Get yours from Firebox before the rest of the modern-day cowboys snatch them off the shelves.