CADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQCADAC Safari Chef 4-in-1 BBQ

Perfect for small flats, caravans, and campgrounds, the CADAC 4-in-1 BBQ Grill has everything you need for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooking and any easy follow-up clean.

With this 4-in-1 grill, versatility is the name of the game.  The system actually features five unique cooking options with every surface you could want for grilling meats, making sauces, roasting whole birds, and much, much more.  At about a foot tall, the CADAC Safari Chef is a space-saving, meal-making powerhouse of a grill.  It’s versatile ability to cook everything from fatty bacon to seared fish to fresh grilled vegetables will have you wanting to tote this grill to every tailgate, picnic, and camping trip you go on.  Not only will you have the best looking and tasting food on the lot, but you’ll draw crowds demanding to know where you got such a fully functioning portable grill.  Included with this all-around barbecue are:

  • Lid/Wok combo – Round, handled lid creates an enclosed heat outlet to act as a roasting oven for whole chickens, game hens, or fish.  With the wok you can cook pasta, rice, or whip up a tasty sauce to accompany your main course.
  • Non-stick reversible griddle – Grill surface can leave beautiful seal marks and perfectly cook burgers, kebobs, and steaks.  Reverse the plate and use the skillet side for frying up breakfast sausages, bacon, eggs, and flapjacks.
  • Mini Vector barbeque – Classic BBQ top surface allows for fat-free, open-flame cooking of fish, pork chops, or bone-in chicken.
  • Camping stove – Remove all of the grill tops to reveal a standard cooking stove that conveniently boils water and brews your morning coffee.
  • Non-stick, Teflon surfaces – Cleanup is a breeze whether using your garden hose, caravan or kitchen sink, or wet rag.  All removable surfaces are also dishwasher safe.
  • Carrying case – Convenient carrying case holds everything except the gas tank for ultimate portability.

You may be thinking that the best barbecue comes from a charcoal grill, but good luck finding one that can cook as many ways as the CADAC Safari more quickly and efficiently.  The grill comes in two models, one that uses an external gas tank that would be suitable for apartment patios and balconies, and one that uses disposable canisters for use on the road or campsite.  Both sources allow for many hours of continued cooking for all of your daily meals.

Check out the Safari Chef 4-in-1 for under £75 at Amazon.



Wood Burning Camping StoveWood Burning Camping Stove

Talk about eco-friendly and sustainability, the new camp stove made by Biolite totally changes the face of portable cookware, and much for the better.

Throw away those heavy, expensive, and pollution-emitting gas canisters.  This Wood Burning Camping Stove is fueled completely with the twigs and bark you collect on the trail.  No longer will you be fiddling with connection valves and adjusting the settings of your canister-fueled system, with this environmentally friendly alternative your fuel will go straight from the ground and into the canister for an easy ignition and super fast boil for your campground cooking needs.

But this stove doesn’t just stop at boiling water–an internal system actually converts the heat from the combustion process into stored, electric energy.  Using the internal USB port you can plug in your mobile, mp3 player, or digital camera for a quick charge directly from the stove.  The Biolite Camp Stove a Wood Burning Camping Stove also features an internal fan and jet system, which makes the fire burn hot and clean, and battery that charges itself as the heat rises and increases the output of the fan.

Perfect for lightweight backpacking and camping trips, this stove is equally convenient to have on hand at home in case of a power outage or natural disaster.  You’ll be able to keep water and food hot and your devices charged even while the lines are down and the lights are out. The innovative design features:

Biolite Camp Stove

  • High-temp steel fuel chamber that gasifies wood for a cleaner burn
  • Copper, heat-regulating probe connecting the internal thermoelectric generator
  • Folding anodized aluminum legs for stable cooking and easy storage
  • Lightweight outer screen to protect hands from hot fuel chamber
  • USB port providing 2-watts of power at 5-volts

Included in the box are the stove, a firelighter, a stuff sack, instructions, and a USB cable for charging the internal battery.  For less than £120, the Biolite Camp Stove will pay for itself after a handful of uses from the significant savings you’ll get from ditching the fuel.

For more information & to buy click here

BBQ Branding IronBBQ Branding Iron

For many men (and sometimes women too), meat is a very personal subject.  With the BBQ Branding Iron you can make your mark on every piece of meat you cook with your own personal brand.

Part of grilling, whether done indoors or outside, is the satisfaction of the crackle and hissing sounds you hear as the fat burns off and the outside caramelizes to seared perfection.  Now you can add that one last sear to every steak and burger and hear a final hiss as you pull away to reveal a personalized message or name scorched onto the meat.

Sure it may sound like a fun novelty item, but think about all of the confusion you can avoid at large barbeques and picnics where everybody wants to pick their own piece of meat and determine its doneness.  Without spoiling the tender, juicy deliciousness of the meat (unless you like yours well done) you can personalize every person’s burger, steak, chicken, or chop with his or her name, initials, or your own witty joke.

BBG Branding Iron 2

  • The Branding Iron comes with all 52 letters of the alphabet and eight blank spaces in high-grade cast aluminum
  • No tools needed! Just arrange the letters or your choosing, slide them into the iron, and lock them in place and its ready to be put into the fire to heat-up for the next brand
  • Two lines of text with 9 available characters each for an abundance of personalized message options
  • Extras of most letters for arranging more complex words, names, and phrases

Whether you want to spell out “I Love You” for a romantic evening with the spouse or “Shove Off” to your less than tolerable in-law, you can get creative and personal on every piece of meat you touch.  Or if you’re anything like us, you can bring out your inner cowboy and feel like your branding cattle at a dude ranch in the Wild West, but hopefully yours is already processed and on the grill.

Get yours from Firebox before the rest of the modern-day cowboys snatch them off the shelves.

survival kit

Ultimate Survival Kit

The ultimate survival kit, not just for camping but also walking, hiking and nowadays even commuting? of course were joking but this kit is no laughing matter, it could potentially be a lifesaver. Includes everything you need all packed into a small mess tin. The kit includes:

survival instructions, pencil, nylon cord, candle, flint and striker, hacksaw blade, tinder, Fishing kit, mini multi-tool,  sewing kit, purification tablets, matches, safety pins, a water bag, razor, salt sachets, whistle, signal mirror,button compass, wire saw, snare wire,  and grip lock bag.

Available for only 34.99, click here for more info.

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jent jacket

Tent Jacket Jakpak

We love tents, camping and all things outdoorsy, if you’re on this site then chances are you’re the same, one thing that bothers us however is that we have to carry almost everything that we don’t wear, if it’s not weighing you down on your back then it’s pulling on your shoulders or straining your neck. With this latest piece of technology the Jetpak Jacket Tent at least you won’t have to carry a tent and let’s face it, if we can make it easier then we will. By taking a closer look at the Jetpak we can see that this revolutionary piece of kit houses a mini tent and sleeping bag. Within just a few minutes you can go from stylish explorer to snoozing camper. Each Jetpak is waterproof and breathable so it’s not uncomfortable to wear, in addition to this the mesh netting technology means that you can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that creepy-crawlies won’t be able to get in. The tent and sleeping bag sections are completely detachable , this allows you to use the Jetpak as just a jacket if you wanted, as well as this the zip at the bottom of the sleeping bag section allows your legs freedom meaning that you can remain in the tent whilst moving about, perfect for those late night visits to the camp toilet.

The jetpak is exclusive to Firebox, click here for more info

Product Features:

  • All-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag
  • Made of 100% seam taped, waterproof, breathable nylon
  • Does not include a pillow
  • Available in medium and large

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Buy Duff Beer

Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

After a hard day slaving (or sleeping) at the local power plant with a certain baldy looking crow man on your case it’s time to sit back on your favourite brown couch, watch a certain Mexican man dressed as a bumblebee flaunt his stuff and open a cool refreshing duff beer. From the creators of the best cartoon in the world, fact, comes the just as amazing duff beer featured and loved on the show by Mr Homer Simpson himself. This beer goes down a treat at a nice 4.7% lager, good job that it is actually German and not American as lets face it, American beer is known to be pretty weak and German beer…. well they don’t host the biggest beer festival in the world for nothing (yes wer’e talking about Oktoberfest). So forget about heading to your local supermarket to grab a slab, instead get yourself a 24 pack of Duff Beer and it will be delivered straight to your door.

 Features:Buy Duff Beer

  • Pack contains 24x 330ml Duff Beer premium lagers
  • Brewed in Germany
  • 4.7% alc. vol.

This wonderfully tasty and unique beer can be bought through Firebox by clicking here £25 with free delivery when you spend over £50, alternatively Amazon have a energy drink version click here for more info £30 delivered.

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Backpack Drink Dispenser

One of the coolest Drinking Gadgets we’ve seen in a while the backpack drink dispenser is a genius drinks accessory. Whether your at a festival, a party, or just round the house picture the look on your friends faces when you whip out this badboy. Sure to surprise and impress your guests the backpack drink dispenser will have your friends/guests talking about your party for weeks, you’ll be the known as the coolest kid in town (no guarantees if your seriously uncool). It’s taken the traditional beer tower and turned it on its head by creating a wearable & portable drink dispensing piece of machinery. It features a 3l tube so plenty of space for your alcoholic punch to be spread around the party. Easily use the attached tap to dispense your beverage & use the attached holster to store all your glasses for easy and quick serving. Also looks great on girls so if your a guy consider getting a girl to do the honours, don’t forget ice. Want it? love it? we do, it’s available from drink stuff, click here for more info.

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bbq utility belt

Utility belts are all well and good if you happen to be a builder or perhaps a plumber, or even if your batman. What if your none of the above, but what if you love a good barbecue and are in dyer need of an awesome new accessory that will help you keep the meat hot and you looking cooler than ever. Introducing the Grillslinger, sounds awesome doesn’t it, for a start it is awesome, what’s surprising however is that it’s taken “them” so long to create a utility that’s not for your standard builder or plumber but is in fact for the barbecue bad boys.


The ultimate twist on the traditional builders belt. It accommodates big barbecue utensils in its removable lock-and-load inserts, and there’s even space for a drink so sipping a cold beer and flipping burgers at the same time is too easy. The belt is fully adjustable to fit those skinny buggers and those of us that have had too many burgers, it also comes with the utensils; a big meat knife, big spatula and some hefty tongs all made from quality stainless steel. The grillslinger truly is one of our favourite gadgets and if your feeling extra cool you can even pretend your a wild west bad boy as it resembles a holster, just don’t throw the knife (remember were pretending here). Easy to use, looks cool, keeps your beer nice and cold, makes barbecuing a doddle, what more could you possibly want. So where can you buy yourself a Grillslinger? Get it by clicking here