beer tube

Booze Tube

Booze Tube….yes booze tube were pronouncing it right aren’t we, the online video sharing site booze tube. Of course wer’e only joking, we like a laugh at camping gadgets you see. Let’s start again, the booze tube combines two of our favourite things; booze and lots of it, whey. Whether your hosting a party, a group of students or a aspiring home pub landlord then the booze tube is an essential investment. Holding up to 8 pints, with 2 pint and 4 pint indicators the Booze Tube is the UK’s only CE marked beverage dispenser, making it ideal for serving large groups of friends at the same time. The Booze Tube is also perfect for barbecues and is the perfect centerpiece for football matches and other social gatherings. Easily fill the tube with your favorite beverage whether that be a cocktail, beer or even a spirit we don’t advise the latter however then use the easy to dispense tap to serve straight into the glass. Click here for more info


Product Features:beer dispenser
• Tabletop drinks dispenser
• Lined at 2, 4 and 8 pints
• CE marked to verify a legal measure in the UK
• The only CE marked beer dispenser available in the UK
• Material: Polycarbonate plastic
• Food grade standard
• Helps keep beverages colder for longer
• Ideal for serving large groups in bars, helping reduce queues
• Also ideal for parties, BBQs and other social gatherings
• Hole in the lid allows for the gas to be released ensuring the perfect pint
• Removable lid makes it easy to refill
• Can be used with beer, cocktails or soft drinks
• Use ‘fill and shake’ technique for easy cleaning

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Tube
• 1 x Base
• 1 x Tap

Roulette Drinking Game

Roulette Drinking Game

So here at Camping Gadgets, we don’t really gamble so weren’t too familiar with roulette, the game seemed simple enough though, spin the wheel with the included ball and when it lands on a specific number whoever placed a bet on that number wins, simple right. The Roulette Drinking Game is a slight “spin” no pun intended on this, play with 2-8 people and everyone is assigned numbers that correspond to the numbers on the shot glasses, give the wheel a spin and if it lands on your number you down a shot. This game is great for parties, social gatherings and watching the football, it’s great fun and as the game goes on you’ll probably enjoy it even more, that could be that alcohol though. Although the game can be played by 2 we recommend at least 4 as you may end up just a bit too tipsy. The set includes the glasses, 2 balls and roulette wheel and is obviously only suitable for ages 18+. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a casino owner but just don’t have the funds to open up the next grand royal then consider the Roulette Drinking Game as a start, available from Amazon by clicking here

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water purification tablets

Oasis Water Purification Tablets

These effervescent chlorine tablets are ideal for the emergency purification of water. They will make water safe to drink, clean teeth, wash wounds and wash vegetables  by killing water bourne organisms that can cause disorders such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. If your ever caught out in a situation where clean water can’t be accessed these tablets from Oasis are perfect.

For such a small price and little space in your backpack these tablets are potentially life saving. Effervescent tablets such as these are highly regarded by many aid organisations the World Health Organisation being one, similar tablets are included in their interagency health kit.

The tablets are simple and easy to use, simply add one to a litre of suspect water, wait and the water will rapidly become disinfected.

  • This particular pack contains 50 effervescent tablets with the active ingredient Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
  • They have a 5 year shelf life
  • Proven to kill all known harmfull water organisms to deal with emergency water disinfection
  • Kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses

If your venturing out on an adventure soon it can’t hurt to stock up on these water purification tablets, they could save your life and for the sum of only £2.15 through Amazon, you can’t afford not to buy these. Click here to be taken to the purchase page, only £2.30 with free delivery



emergency camping shelter

Emergency Camping Shelter

Mother nature can be a cruel mistress, and when your out on an adventure the weather can place a massive strain on your health if it suddenly decides to change. If unprepared in a remote area you may find yourself in need of a protective emergency shelter. This Emergency Camping Shelter is ideal for runners, hikers in remote areas and could save your life in an unprecedented situation.

  • It’s lightweight so won’t create much extra weight in your backpack
  • Easy to use and can be quickly set up

For it’s price and functionality the Emergency Camping Shelter is an absolute survival essential, remember the weather can be unpredictable, especially in the UK so be prepared and be safe.  To buy your Emergency Camping Shelter click here , only £3.25.


Wilderness 450 sleeping bag

Wilderness 450 Sleeping Bag

We were excited when we saw this sleeping bag for the first time, sure it might not be as cool looking as a Gelert Sleeping Pod but this sleeping bag is an absolute bargain in terms of functionality.

From Vango the Wilderness 450 Sleeping Bag is an affordable but luxurious sleeping bag that features a mainly mummy shaped design that will keep excess air out. This reduction in excess air means that the sleeping bag is able to provide better warmth throughout. The tiny amount of air that the Wilderness 450 allows in quickly adapts to your body temperature and provides better warmth throughout.

  • The Wilderness will keep you warm when others will be freezing outside, and cool when others get too hot. It’s suitable for temperatures ranging between freezing and 20 degree Celsius.
  • It’s perfect for first time campers, families and festival goers and makes and is perfect as a first time sleeping bag purchase.
  • It benefits from Polair® Super-Soft shell & Polair® brushed polyester lining, this ensures you keep you cool during the summer and warm and toasty in the winter.
  • It features a shaped hood with drawcord closure, this fantastic feature will ensure if the temperature drops you can essentially cocoon yourself in the sleeping bag and stay warm if the temperature drops.

The bag also comes with a supplied with 4-strap compression stuffsac, weighs a mere 1.7kg and is 215cm in length.
If your looking for a decent sleeping bag that provides so much functionality as well as looks good the Wilderness 450 Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for you, it’s very competitively priced and currently are offering at a mere £41 click here to be taken to the purchase page. Alternatively the North Gear Loche Mummy Sleeping Bag is a great cheaper alternative (see below)

Folding Picnic Table

Folding Picnic Table

Camping is all well and good but if you’ve got to eat on the floor then that’s simply no fun especially if it’s been raining. What’s the solution? a very portable folding picnic table of course. This fantastic piece of kit is just the job.

  • Folding design which is extremely easy to carry and transport
  • No more eating off the floor like a caveman, simply pop up the folding table and your good to go in under 30 seconds flat.
  • Perfect for enjoying family picnics, camping trips and festivals.
  • Weighs only 7kg so very easy to carry around.

We love the simplicity of the folding picnic table and the sheer benefits it offers to anyone on a camping trip or picnic. No longer will you have to struggle to cook on the floor using a blanket as your base, or eat from the floor. Just think as you pull up next to all the other campers eating on the floor and set up this cool piece of kit. If your interested in eating in style whilst camping then the folding picnic table is for you, currently Halfords are offering this wonderful table at a very competitive price of £24.99, click here to be taken to the purchase page.

For a more lighweight, budget table consider the backpackers folding aluminium table available from outdoor gear.

Gelert Speedy Pitch Candy Tent

Gelert Speedy Pitch Candy Stripe Tent

We love Tents here at Camping Gadgets, but what we love more than just boring old two tone tents is our funky tents. Gelert never seem to disappoint with their wide selection of funky of pop up tents. Here we have yet another winner, the Gelert Speedy Pitch Candy Stripe Pop up.

This Speedy Pitch features a very cool contrasting black & colourful tartan design. This tent is ideal for those among us that are short of time, simply pull the tent out of the bag, give it a shake and voilà it is up and ready to be set up as your home in a matter of seconds.

  • Perfect for festivals. Competitively priced, more importantly you can get on with drinking and having a good time almost instantaneously with its quickpitch design you’ll be beer bonging within minutes of arriving.
  • It’s very light at 1.7kg so carrying if from the car to site will be a doddle unlike other campers struggling to heave their 10kg tent from car to camp you can leisurely stroll past.
  • The tent is perfect for 2 people and is very cosy inside, perfect for cuddling up to that someone special or perhaps someone you just met, (we won’t judge)
  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee for complete peace of mind.

This tent is competitively priced, lightweight looks awesome (bound to turn heads) and is good to use in minutes, there’s nothing not like. It’s been designed exclusively for Halfords and can be purchased by clicking here.

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mountain whistle

Mountain Whistle

This mountain whistle is ideal for those among you that enjoy hiking, safety should always be thought about whether your just going up the local paths or exploring somewhere a little more adventurous, this whistle is a small piece of kit that can be added to your safety artillery. Although these whistles are very small, they are incredibly loud reaching 100dB, they  are also very handy and can be added to your keys with their attached keyring.

  • These particular whistles are actually recommended by the Mountain Leader Training Board as an essential item to be carried in the hills
  • 100dB from a piece of kit you won’t even notice

They could potentially save yours or a friends life and should be added to your arsenal of safety equipment, for the small sum of £2.55 you can’t afford not to. Buy now through Amazon, click here to be taken to the purchase page.