moon tent

Moon tent

The moon tent is one of our favourites here at Camping Gadgets, and being a funky tents specialist there’s only a few that cut it as our favourites.

  • The Moon tent only weighs 2.5kg, with a pack size of 50cm it is amazingly portable
  • It features solid fibreglass poles, a waterproof outer, and an integral groundsheet
  •  The Skin has also been treated to offer UPF50 sun protection on the off chance that you might get a bit of sun in this years Glastonbury.

Sorry this tent has been discontinued. however you may like:

AmazonThe Dog house Tent

Too Low to Display

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 ThermosCafe Silver Flask

 ThermosCafe Silver Flask

This 0.5l flask and it’s 1l big brother are hands down the best flasks we’ve used in terms of value for money. They come in a cool stainless steel design, this one holds up to 0.5l.

  • They will keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and your hot tea/coffee or whatever you guys like to drink for up to 8 hours,
  • We tested it for 5 hours when out camping at which point we needed a caffeine fix and the coffee was still hot hot HOT.
  • They’re a lightweight design, virtually indestructible, feature a twist an pour stopper (very useful) and come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

The ThermosCafe Silver flask is available from the below retailers in various sizes

Available from:

Amazon1 Litre Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee Camping / Fishing Flask


Visit Store Café Silver 0.5 Litre Flask


Visit Store Union Jack 0.5 Litre Flask


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AmazonThermos Hammertone Stainless Steel Flask, 0.5L


used from: £8.50

Visit Store Café Silver 1 Litre Flask


Visit Store Café Silver 1 Litre Flask with 2 Travel Beakers


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kelvin 23 multi tool

Kelvin 23 Multi Tool

23 handy tools that will easily fit in your pocket

Aside from having an awesome name like Kelvin, the Kelvin 23 is pretty god damn cool, from the moment you look at it you know it’s no ordinary multi tool. It’s reassuring weight and matte finish settle the mind and let you know this little badboy is reliable.

                      • The Kelvin has 23 of the most used tools available and doesn’t include any of the ridiculous tools that other multi tools insist on including.
                      • Click a button and the screwdriver shaft flicks out, this can be locked at a 90° or a 180° position.
                      • Inside the handle are sixteen of the mostly commonly used bits, these soundly click into the screwdriver shaft.
  • The top has a spirit level and the back hides a 5ft tape measure. All in all, this is an awesome all in one multi tool.

Available from:

Kelvin 23£17.95.

Waterproof Video Watch

Waterproof Video Watch

Need a decent watch? need a waterproof watch? how about a waterproof watch (up to 30m) that can take pictures and video? this may just be what your looking for!

                    • This awesome watch features a pinhole camera hidden within the 12 of the watch, and it records remarkably high quality, video, sound and pictures too.
                    • It charges via usb and images & videos are transferred via the usb also.
                    • Add the fact that it’s water resistant up to  30m and you’ve got a pretty cool watch.
                    • Ideal for taking pics of fishes or perhaps when you don’t have a camera handy, nothing will be missed!

Available from:

Waterproof video watch£59.95.


Festival essentials

Festival season is starting soon and with that we decided it was time to look at the best of the best in camping gadgets &  festival essentials. We have compiled this rundown of the top 30 festival essentials in order to help you to  find the right gadgets that will take you from having a good time at this years festivals to having a unforgettable time. Without further ado…….


30.USB & wind up Dynamo torch

This wind up torch is the best we’ve seen, were not winding you up either, it has 5 strong LED lights, can be charged via usb for up to 6 hours of light and once that’s ran out it only takes 1 minute of winding for 15 minutes light. It also features a panic alarm and looks pretty cool too.

Available from Amazon £14.99

 29. Hunter Wellies

Your a lot braver than us if you got a festival without some decent wellies. Hunter wellies are the industry standard and look absolutely amazing in a wide range of colors and styles for both men & women.

Available from from £49.99

28. Garnier clean and soft cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes are ideal if you just like us avoid the festival showers like the plague. It’s not that were smelly folks, it’s just that they’re cold, muddy and smelly so we’ll happily rough it for a few days. A pack of facial wipes go a long way however, and these Garnier clean and soft complete cleansing wipes are just the ticket.

Available from £2.89

 27. Waterproof Camera

If you haven’t got a waterproof camera yet, the festival season could be the perfect excuse. As we are all too aware, in the UK we are a bit partial to a drop of rain or two. The last thing you want is to ruin your digital camera trying to capture those special moments at the festival. Be safe and grab yourself this waterproof &  shockproof digital camera. It features 9 megapixels, and works down to -10°C just in case.

Available from £89.88

26. VW Campervan tent

VW Camper van tent

The VW Campervan tent is an amazingly good looking tent, It’s a full sized replica of the iconic 1965 iconic VW Campervan, It comes in 3 co lours, Red, Blue, and Peppermint green. This is one of our favorites and sure to turn heads at your next festival

Available from Firebox £299

25. The Ploo

Toilets in festivals are always a drama, it’s the one thing we dread.  You can either try to squat in a quiet corner (let’s face it, this is going to be hard in a festival) or face the dreaded portable loos. Enter The Ploo, a sturdy cardboard crafted portable toilet, although not the most glorious way to relieve yourself, we’d choose this over a dirty, smelly portaloo any day.

Available from Firebox from £15.99

24. Ultimate festival kit

Crammed with 18 festival essential the ultimate festival kit has everything you need to enjoy your summers festival. The 100% cotton drawstring bag weighs a mere 845 grams but has all you need. There’s a mini first aid kit (to be a hero), toilet seat covers (if you dare to use the portaloo), condoms (if your lucky), chewing gum, (to stay fresh), a pvc poncho (if it’s wet) and much much more.

Available from Firebox at a mere £26.99

23. Collapsible pocket pint glass

Made from a sturdy plastic this fully collapsable pint glass is a festival goers dream. It fully folds to fit into any backpack or in fact in your pocket. Impress the ladies as you drink your lager or cider in absolute style.

Available from for £6.49

22. Tentfinder light

Sick of losing your tent in among the thousands of others? We were too, but no more do we have to spend the night looking for our tent. How do you we do it? well… thanks to this awesome creation from the cheeky guys at firebox we simply place the tentfinder light in our tent (or even hang it up) and attach the controller to our key ring. Can’t find your tent…simply give the controller a click and your tent will illuminate thanks to the 23 led bulbs.

Available from Firebox £19.99

21.Solar DAB Digital Radio

What’s a festival without music? it’s not a festival!! However, during the day when your favorite band, rapper or superstar DJ aren’t taring up the stage you may find yourself without any music, and what’s a festival without music…. oh we’ve already said that! Anyway, the most annoying thing about boomboxes or radios when your at a festival is that ultimately they will run out of battery, and even if you have brought along enough batteries you will have probably spent a lot of £££ on those  size D’s. The Solar DAB Digital Radio however is an ingenious little gadget that will keep the tunes pumping. It doesn’t require any batteries as it’s ‘solar’, when it is fully charged it will power for 27 hours, and best of all it’s digital which means you can listen to a much wider range of stations than boring old FM, it comes in four different colors, white, red, green and black.

Available from Amazon £67.99 

20. Quest deluxe moon chair

Of course a comfy chair is an absolute neccesity for your chosen festival, you could opt for a boring and plain blue or red chair that will probably break after it’s second sitting. If however you opt for a quality camping chair, that’s a little bit different we love the Quest deluxe moon chair, it features a strong  and light steel frame, is amazingly comfy and holds weights up to 120kg. Best of all it comes in three fab, funky colours  red, navy and lime green (pictured)

Available from Amazon £49.99

19.Regatta Camo 2 man pop up

Wherever you look in a festival field there are so many good looking tents, and what would a festival be without these funky tents. This regatta tent is a 2 man pop up (ready in minutes), not only is it a doddle to put up but if features a pretty cool large camo design, swish!

Available from Argos £34.99

18.Highlander BSwift 17 Litre Rucksack

Looking for a good rucksack for this years season, then this Highlander BSwift 17 Litre could just be what you need, it has a capacity of 17 litres, is strong, stylish and great value.

Available from only £12.99

17.Shewee Extreme

Shewee the toileting solution for women

The biggest complaint at festivals especially from female festival goers has to be the toilet situation. Portable loos are disgusting, however if your a lady then this dirty situation gets a lot worse. The shewee is a portable urinating device designed so that women can pee whilst standing, just like their male counterparts. This extreme version is the latest addition and features an extension for use with bulky clothing. The shewee also comes with a handy carrying case. You’ll regret not getting one of these!!

Available from Amazon £11.99

16.FieldCandy Cotton tents

These field candy tents are the most beautiful tents we’ve ever seen, they come in a range of jaw dropping designs and there good looks speak for themselves. They are two man, are very limited edition and are made from 100% cotton a far cry  from the plastic of other tents. A bit pricey but there’s no chance anyone else will look as cool as you. Be sure to check out the other designs.

Available from Firebox from £395

15.Coleman Event Shelter


Besides like looking like something from the future, or perhaps some kind of  UFO This Coleman shelter is an absolute awesome shelter that should definately be considered for your next festival. It features UV protection of factor 50+ (on the off chance of sun), weighs a mere 16kg when packed away and offers plenty of headroom.

Available from outdoorgear £139.99

14. Whistle key finder

whistling key finder


 If you have a tendency to lose your keys, then this awesome whistle key finder could just be what you wish you had on your keys when you lost them. Simply attach the mini gadget to your keys and next time you lose them, whistle and the gadget will flash and beep loudly until you find them! What a relief.

Available from £8.99

13. Regatta single sleeping bag

This Regatta single sleeping bag is ideal if your looking for a quality and reasonably priced sleeping bag this summer. It has a 300gsm hollowfibre filling, polyester lining and weighs only 1.4kg, it’s manufactured by Regatta so you know it’s good quality and retails at only £14.49

Available from Argos £14.49

12. Wayfayrer food pouches

These awesome food pouches are an ideal alternative to the over priced questionable food that’ served at festivals, they are tasty pre cooked meals are easy to carry and can be eaten either hot, by submerging the pouch in boiling water for a few minutes or simply eaten cold. They come in a range of flavors; lancarshire hot pot, beans and sausage, chicken korma, Spag Bol, Chilli Con Carne, Vegetable Rigatoni and chicken tikka. They also have pud versions: Custard & Mixed fruit and Chocolate pudding.

Available from ellis brigham from £4.50


11. Highlander 65l cargo bag

If your in need of a bigger bag, this highlander holdall 65l bag offers extremely good value, it offers a 3 way carry system, detachable shoulder straps and looks pretty sleek in black.

Available from £10.99

10.Redstone Gazebo

 This redstone gazebo is a an awesome alternative to a higher priced shelter and ideal if there’s a large group of you so that you have your own space so you can kickback relax and take in the vibe. It comes with 4 side panels, 2 of which have windows, and a carry case. Whack your flag on top and your whole crew will know exaclty where there weekend home is.

Available from Amazon £44.99

9. Beard Heads

Want to look cool whilst keeping warm, or perhaps just look a bit silly, then a beard head may be what your looking for, available in a range of designs and colors.

Available from £17.99

 8. Urban Escape 4 man tent pack

The urban escape 4 man tent pack includes a fantastic 4 man tent with 2 separate bedrooms, four mummy sleeping bags, two double air mattresses, a 12v electric pump, one LED lantern and a led camping light. The tent is double skinned to provide better insulation and less condensation, and includes a lighting point to hang your lantern. This kit really has everything you need and is exceptionally priced. It all comes compact and and in a wheeled bag, so no heavy carrying required either.

Available from £149.99 

7. Kelsyus Portable Hammock

This portable hammock is an absolute dream to lie on, it’s comfortable, convenient and fully portable. It fits into a neat carry bag and is really easy to set up and take down and requires no tools. The bag has shoulder straps for true hands free portability and it supports up to 113kg.

Available from Prezzybox £79

6. The Beer Belly

Festivals and beer go hand in hand, however for true handsfree drinking and the ultimate way to carry booze discretely, the beerbelly drinks holder is the ultimate gadget. The bladder of the belly is held in an insulated pouch worn under the clothing, and gives that legit beer belly look. The belly can hold up to 4 litres so if your smart you can save a fortune by filling up before the festival and you don’t have to worry about heading back and forth to the beer tent.

Available from Amazon £34.95

5.MusucBag – wearable sleeping bag

The MusucBag is a wearable sleeping bag, giving you ultimate mobility whilst keeping you warm and snug. You can move around freely, jump, even break dance if you can. It even has a hood and zips by the hand so you can reach for your favorite beer.  Our favourite thing about the musucbag though….it just looks awesome, and you will too if you wear one. Available in grey or blue.

Available from £79.99 

4.Festival Flags

What does flags have to do with camping and festivals….. everything!! Finding your tent in among the sea of thousands of other tents is a hard task to say the least, add the fact you’ve probably had a fair few drinks and the dark it becomes near impossible. Not only this you can let your creative juices flow and personalize your camp area.

Available from from £7.99

3.Gelert Union Jack 2 Man Popup

Pop up tents have become a festival goers dream, pitch the tent in seconds and you can get down to the important stuff, drinking beers. With the advent of the Olympics this year, if your feeling patriotic, this pop up from Gelert featuring the union jack is the perfect tent for you.

Available from Argos £59.99

2.Mini speaker

mini speaker

This mini speaker is without a doubt the best out there, it comes in 8 cool colors, has the best sound quality of all portable speakers tested, and pumps out a cool 11 hours from a single charge. It’s rechargeable via usb, packs a whopping 2.5W and integrates a 3.5mm lead for ipod/mp3 connectivity.

Available from Amazon from £18.69

1.Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo, what a great invention, this is ideal for the festival goers who just can’t be doing with dirty hair, even if the rest of you is caked in mud! The Batiste brand is affordable and popular.

Available from from £2.99

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regatta 3 man dome tent

Regatta festival 3 man Dome Tent

A popular 3 man dome tent that’s simple and quick to put up offering flawless design and supreme comfort

The Regatta Festival 3 man dome tent is the best tent available on this site in terms of value, it is a 3 man but for the price could easily be used by 2 people for extra space and comfort.

                    • it comes in 3 cool colours appealing to both male and females and different personalities,
                    • the tent is fully waterproof which is a necessity in Britain, this tent will keep you dry unlike some of the single skin pop ups available
  • the tent is fire retardant which is very useful if you are going to be building a camp fire
  • the 3 colourful designs will allow you to truly stand out from the crowd in festivals camp sites or even in the garden
  • the tent weighs only 3.4kg which for a 3 man is very light, this is of great benefit as you won’t have to haul a heavy load to the camp-site, we all know how long the walk from car to camp can be at festivals, this tent makes it easy
  • the tent includes a handy carry bag that can be worn on the back for supreme comfort

regatta festival 3 man dome tent spottyRegatta 3 man festival dome tent Camo







The tent is currently only available from Argos click here and you will be taken to the product pages for the Regatta festival 3 man dome tent, the tents are currently on sale at less than half price from £49.99 to £19.99 - £22.49, at this price they will be selling quick.

. Regatta Festival 3 Man Dome Tent- Spotty£19.99.
. Regatta Festival 3 Man Dome Tent- Camo£19.99.
. Regatta Festival 3 Man Dome Tent- Pink£49.99.


camouflage pop up tent

camouflage pop up tent

A cool camo tent that sets up in minutes

This great camo design tent, is from Regatta, it features a camo design that is slightly bigger than the norm which is why we like it so much.

  • The tent pitches in seconds, and has 2 windows, and 2 air vents
  • It weighs a mere 1.8kg and is fire retardant
  • The tent not only looks cool but as noted it pitches in seconds, this allows you to get down to business whether that be drinking or simply chilling.

The tent is an absolute bargain at only £17.49 for a limited time from Argos, click here to be taken to the product page to complete your purchase.

Regatta Floral pop up

Regatta Floral pop up

A cool floral pop up tent that’s ready in seconds and will turn heads

This Floral popup from Regatta is an absolute beauty of a funky tent, if your looking for a girly tent for the festival season then look no further.

                        • The tent is simple to put up (hence it’s pop up name) so no worries there girls,
                        • It comes with an awesome patterned bag too so it’s dead easy to carry around
                        • It weighs a mere 1.5kg, is fire retardant and looks very girly.

This classic tent from Regatta is available from Argos, currently it’s on sale for a mere £16.99, click here to be taken to the Argos product page.