cardboard camping toilet

Cardboard Camping Toilet

Discover the hygienic, fashionable and environmentally friendly toilet and all round great alternative to the portable loo

So your out on your latest expedition or your perhaps at one of the UK’s festivals and you desperately need to go for a number 2! You have two choices, and we apologise for being vulgar but they are a) either squat in a quiet corner or…. b) brave one of the dreaded portable loos!

Enter the Shitbox cardboard toilet extravaganza, this amazing creation is of course a cardboard toilet, not only is this toilet extremely portable and environmentally friendly you will no longer have to use the provided portable toilets.

  • Although it may not be the most glorious way to number 2 it’s a life saver when your touching cloth. Ewww!
  • the Cardboard toilet comes in two sizes a 14″ for adults and a smaller ‘Little Jack’ version  for the younger (and smaller bottoms), perfect for festivals, camping out, and building sites without portable toilets.
  • It’s flat packed and comes with 10 biodegradable poo bags  simply place one of the bags in the durable toilet, do your biz, tie the bag and dispose of the whole lot in your friends bag.
  • It is the perfect solution for your camping toilet needs, never again will you have to use the portable toilets, you and I both know how these look after a few hours at a festival, we won’t go into detail here.

The full size Shitbox is available from both Firebox and Amazon, Amazon are currently offering at a cheaper price though, click here for the Amazon product page and click here to be taken to the firebox product page. Both retailers offer free delivery.

The Ploo cardboard toilet truly is a far more hygienic, environmentally friendly and all round more pleasant experience than a portable loo, we whole heartedly recommend one for your next camping trip.

For smaller bottoms the ‘Little Jack’ version is also available from Firebox and Amazon, again cheaper through Amazon through this link.

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