Shot Bandolier Belt

shot bandolier belt

Shot Bandolier Belt

This bandolier belt is an awesome  piece of party kit. Slip on the cool piece of kit and fill up each bullet shaped glass with your favourite drink, (tequilas a good option for added cowboy authenticity) then party the night away whilst handing out and drinking yourself into cowboy oblivion.

It’s the perfect way to dish out drinks at your next party and is also the perfect birthday gift for your best mate, we bought it for our friend and supporter Tom, we challenged him to drink every shot on the belt, unfortunately Tom didn’t complete his challenge and we were more than happy to knick a few bullet shots off him anyway.

The belt is unisex and adjustable, this means it can be worn by delightfully slim ladies right through to those men among us that have enjoyed a few too many drinks over the years.

The shot glasses (all 28 of them) can hold 30ml of liquid so are bigger than the traditional shot of 25ml so there’s even more drunkenness to be had, only 5ml more though I hear you say, try 5ml x 28 that’s….140ml extra, poor Tom.

The pack contains:

• 1 x Bandolier Belt
• 28 x Plastic Bullet Shot Cups with Lids

• Shot Volume: 30ml
• Pack Weight: 486g

This really is one of our favorite Drinking Gadgets available and is an absolute bargain at £13.99, buy it now by clicking here and get partying.