Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue

Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal BarbecueSon of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue

The portable grill that’s quickly becoming the standard across the UK for caravans, campgrounds, and outdoor cookouts of all varieties.

If you want a compact cooking surface that’s got the same heating power as a full-sized grill, look no further than the Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue.  The grill folds up and breaks down for easy storage and within minutes of finishing the sear on your perfectly grilled steaks and burgers you can snuff out the still-burning coals and smoke in the included insulated pouch.  This grill also features:

  • Lightweight design (about 6 kg) of sturdy cast iron with smooth, rounded edges.
  • 4 stainless steel folding legs to support the grill when fully expanded and act as carrying handles when folded up
  • Slide-out steel tray for ignition fuel (fire-starters, newspaper, bits of charcoal)
  • Included multi-tool for removing racks, stirring coals, or as a chimney stopSon of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue 3

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing long weekend of camping or in a hurry to feed hungry picnickers, this grill is truly designed to make your cooking and cleanup process fast and easy.  After you load up the fuel tray with the starter material of your choice, within ten minutes you will have an evenly distributed and super HOT grill top.  Watch out for canopies, caravan lines, and tent vestibules as this thing can really kick up some flames when it’s first lit.  But once the chimney is adjusted and coals are stirred you’ll be looking at a solid two hours of non-stop cook time.

Done feeding the campground masses?  Just carefully fold the grill up into its vertical position and place it in the snuff-out pouch.  Or leave it in the upright position and adjust the gap of the multi-tool to allow the grease build-up to burn off for a like new clean in under five minutes.  The fiberglass woven, heat-reflective interior of the pouch extinguishes all remaining flames and smoke and takes the worry away of waiting for the coals to die down.  Just make sure to wait an hour before putting the bag into a sealed caravan or garage so that no dangerous carbon monoxide is emitted.

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Son of Hibachi 110-100 Charcoal Barbecue 2