Tentfinder Light

tentfinder light

Tentfinder light

Here at Camping Gadgets we’re constantly forgetting where we parked the car, the same can happen when you pitch up your tent (which is your home) for the weekend festival. After a few cheeky beers and the masses of other tents that have pitched up near you, the whole situation gets a lot worse.

  • Tripping over guide lines, falling into other peoples tents and generally running riot around the camp site can land you in hot water.
  • If however you’d of brought along a tentfinder light you’d find your tent in no time.
  • With the tentfinder light you can turn the lights on from 50 metres away, one click using the remote illumiates the 3 centre LED’s, a second click illuminates the outer 20 bulbs and a third click, (if you dare) illuinates all of the lights.

As the saying goes, ‘theres light at the end of the tunnel’, well…with this awesome camping gadget all you need to do is give the remote a cheeky click  and you can follow the light. If only they made something similar for cars!

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Tentfinder light£19.99.

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