Sea To Summit Kitchen Sink

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Camping Sink

Discover the incredibly portable camping sink that makes washing the dishes a simple and enjoyable task

This camping kitchen sink is truly a revolutionary gadget that makes washing up whilst camping easy. What can be a very frustrating task both carrying a plastic bowl for washing up and actually washing up becomes incredibly easy with this portable kitchen sink from ‘sea to summit’.

                    • The kitchen sink is designed to pop up when filled with water, this makes it incredibly easy to transport
  • when not in use it folds up to the size of a packet of crisps so takes up no space in your camping bag
  • it holds up to 10 litres of water, easily enough water to  wash your favourite china teapots
  • doubles up as a dog bowl for your trusty best friend to drink from

If your headed on a new adventure soon, you really should consider the kitchen sink from ‘sea to summit’ not only will it save you space in your bag but will also save you money as you will now have the ability to wash up after you cook as opposed to eating out.

The portable kitchen sink is only available from Amazon whom are currently offering free delivery click here and you will be taken to Amazons product page for the 10L version. Do not hesitate, the idea behind the kitchen sink is simple but it truly is a handy piece of kit for camping.

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