Thermo Pot Food Flask

Thermo Pot Food FlaskThermo Pot Food Flask

A grown-up version of the classic thermos will put your co-workers’ Tupperware to shame and have you feasting like a king come lunchtime with steamy hot soups, chili, and much more.

Stop carrying around those flimsy plastic containers whose lids pop off and edges crack with the slightest abuse.  This food flask is sleek, stylish, and guaranteed to keep your food secured and hot for up to six hours.  Where you take it and what you pack is up to you, but rest assured when you get there your contents will be still be steaming hot.  Whether you’re packing for an early morning fishing trip, sneaking your own home-brewed java into the local coffee shop to use the free WiFi, or you just want to bypass the workplace cafeteria and bring your own hearty lunch for a midday fuel-up, this modern day thermos is the perfect addition to the kitchen cabinet.Thermo Pot Food Flask 2

  • The Thermo Pot Food Flask is made from double-walled stainless steel so your food stays hot but your hands don’t feel the burn.
  • Fully-sealable screw-top cork lid designed to insulate up to 16oz of your favorite soups, stews, and coffee and prevent spills
  • Also serves to keep cold foods frozen/chilled (great for carrying homemade smoothies or shakes)

The bonus of this thermos is the matching magnetized stainless steel spoon that conveniently grips to the side of the container when not in use.  The container is conveniently sized at about 17cm tall and weighs in under half a kilo making it the perfect all-around vessel for tossing in your messenger bag or briefcase, hopping on the train to get to work or on the boat to catch some fish, or anywhere else you want to have a hot (or cold) meal ready-made to power you up for the rest of the day.

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