Topflame Portable Gas Heater

Topflame portable gas heater

Topflame Portable Gas Heater

Discover the best and most efficient way to keep warm and get cosy whilst camping

The Topflame portable gas heater is an efficient and effective camping heater that will warm you up on even the coldest mornings.

                      • the heater whilst on full power, will provide you with fantastic warmth for up to 2.5 hours from one butane canister
                      • it heats up enclosed areas very quickly
                      • it’s small and easy to transport
                      • sturdy and compact, so it won’t break on you

If your all out of firewood and your pal Bear Grylls isn’t about to help you get a fire started then the Topflame portable gas heater will definitely help to warm your cold toes. This fantastic heater is powered by butane gas cartridges ( which are very cheap by the way) and at full power will easily keep you toasty, warm and in high spirits even on the coldest nights.

It’s light at only 3kg so is also really portable and looks quite fashionable too (not that the local wildlife will take notice). It’s operated from self contained gas canisters as already noted, offers a highly efficient heating element, adjustable heating angles and variable temperature control.

If your looking for a solution to keep you and your family away from the cold on your next camping trip then we thoroughly recommend the topflame portable gas heater at only £20 it’s a wise investment. The only gripe we have is that as it can get hot care should be taken when used around children & pets, however this applies to any heater, with correct usage it won’t pose a problem.

The heater is available from Amazon with free delivery, click here an you will be taken to the Amazon product page, be quick though as these are selling fast at such a low price, Argos are offering the same heater for £29.99.


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