VW Campervan Tent

VW Camper van tent

VW Camper van Tent

The tent that thinks it’s a van, simply the coolest tent you’ve ever laid your eyes on 

The VW Campervan, but is it a campervan?, look closer and its a cleverly disguised tent. The VW campervan tent is a seriously funky tent, and has to be one of the best wev’e seen. A full-size replica of the iconic 1965 VW Camper Van. The VW campervan tent comes in 3 colours, peppermint green, red and blue and comfortably sleeps 4. Seriously stand out from the crowd with this bad boy. Available only from Firebox, Amazon and Prezzybox see below. You wouldn’t get a VW campervan that looks as good as this for 20 times the price of one of these. Seriously cool, one of our absolute favourites. Pick up a bargain compared to the real thing and be the envy of everyone in the campsite.

Available from:

VW Campervan tent PEPPERMINT GREEN£299.99.
VW Campervan tent BLUE£299.95.

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